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 Darkness - Permission to Land

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Darkness - Permission to Land Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Darkness - Permission to Land   Darkness - Permission to Land Icon_minitime12/5/2008, 12:56

Darkness - Permission to Land
(2003) DZ RIP @ 320

The Darkness's Permission to Land is an entertaining and unabashed return to the pomp-rock of a bygone age, when mullet-clad dinosaurs traveled the stadiums of the world--back before Nirvana and their lank-haired ilk swept the world in an unstoppable tide of flannel shirts and overwrought earnestness. So, while their peers were drawing inspiration from the Pixies, Sonic Youth and the Stone Roses, the four guys in the Darkness were busy studying their Queen and Def Leppard albums and learning how to rock. It's this unapologetic rock & roll spirit that makes Permission to Land a stand-out debut album.

1 Black Shuck
2 Get Your Hands Off MY Woman
3 Growing On Me
4 I Believe In A Thing Called Love
5 Love Is Only A Feeling
6 Givin Up
7 Stuck In A Rut
8 Friday Night
9 Love on The Rocks With No Ice
10 Holding My Own

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Darkness - Permission to Land
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