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 VA - Apple Records Box Set (2010) (Box set,Limited Edition,Original re

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VA - Apple Records Box Set (2010) (Box set,Limited Edition,Original re Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: VA - Apple Records Box Set (2010) (Box set,Limited Edition,Original re   VA - Apple Records Box Set (2010) (Box set,Limited Edition,Original re Icon_minitime24/3/2011, 19:39

VA - Apple Records Box Set (2010) (Box set,Limited Edition,Original re C392bed53d7fcd3241d02c9db9b1d29c
[b]VA - Apple Records Box Set (2010) (Box set,Limited Edition,Original recording remastered)

Audio CD (October 25, 2010) | Number of Discs: 17 | MP3 V0 VBR kbps | 1.6 GB
Genre: Rock | Label: Capitol

Limited Edition Apple Records Box Set (17 Discs) includes 14 individual
artist albums with bonus tracks, the new Best of Apple Records "Come
And Get It" collection, a 2CD collection of 37 un-released tracks from
Badfinger, Billy Preston, Jacki Lomax and Mary Hopkins and a 16 page
booklet. All housed in a cardboard box that artistically replicates the
original Apple Records crate.

Specific Albums Included:

James Taylor "James Taylor"

Badfinger "Ass"

Badfinger "Straight Up"

Badfinger "No Dice"

Badfinger "Magic Christian Music"

Billy Preston "Encouraging Words"

Billy Preston "That's The Way God Planned It"

Doris Troy "Doris Troy"

Mary Hopkin "Earth Song Ocean Song"

Mary Hopkin "Post Card"

John Tavener "The Whale/Celtic Requiem"

Jackie Lomax "Is This What You Want"

Modern Jazz Quartet "Under the Jasmine Tree/Space"

The Radha Krsna "Temple"

The Best of Apple Records "Come And Get It"
2CD Collection of Bonus Tracks


[b]Disc 1

1 Don't Talk Now James Taylor
2 Something's Wrong James Taylor
3 Knocking �Round the Zoo James Taylor
4 Sunshine Sunshine James Taylor
5 Taking It In James Taylor
6 Something In the Way She Moves James Taylor
7 Carolina In My Mind James Taylor
8 Brighten Your Night With My Day James Taylor
9 Night Owl James Taylor
10 Rainy Day Man James Taylor
11 Circle �Round the Sun James Taylor
12 The Blues Is Just a Bad Dream James Taylor
13 Sunny Skies James Taylor
14 Let Me Ride James Taylor
15 Sunshine Sunshine James Taylor
16 Carolina In My Mind James Taylor

Disc 2
1 Apple of My Eye Badfinger
2 Get Away Badfinger
3 Icicles Badfinger
4 The Winner Badfinger
5 Blind Owl Badfinger
6 Constitution Badfinger
7 When I Say Badfinger
8 Cowboy Badfinger
9 I Can Love You Badfinger
10 Timeless Badfinger
11 Do You Mind Badfinger
12 Apple of My Eye Badfinger
13 Blind Owl Badfinger
14 Regular Badfinger
15 Timeless Badfinger

Disc 3
1 Take It All Badfinger
2 Baby Blue Badfinger
3 Money Badfinger
4 Flying Badfinger
5 I'd Die Babe Badfinger
6 Name of the Game Badfinger
7 Suitcase Badfinger
8 Sweet Tuesday Badfinger
9 Day After Day Badfinger
10 Sometimes Badfinger
11 Perfection Badfinger
12 It's Over Badfinger
13 I'll Be the One Badfinger
14 Name of the Game Badfinger
15 Baby Blue Badfinger
16 Baby Please Badfinger
17 No Good At All Badfinger
18 Sing For the Song Badfinger

Disc 4
1 I Can't Take It Badfinger
2 I Don't Mind Badfinger
3 Love Me Do Badfinger
4 Midnight Caller Badfinger
5 No Matter What Badfinger
6 Without You Badfinger
7 Blodwyn Badfinger
8 Better Days Badfinger
9 It Had To Be Me Badfinger
10 Watford John Badfinger
11 Believe Me Badfinger
12 We're For the Dark Badfinger
13 I Can't Take It [Version Badfinger Extended Version
14 Without You [D Badfinger Studio Demo Version - Mono
15 Photograph (AKA Friends Are Hard To Find) [ Versio Badfinger
16 Believe Me [# Badfinger Alternate Version Alternate Take
17 No Matter What [* Badfinger Studio Demo Version - Mono

Disc 5
1 Come and Get It Badfinger
2 Crimson Ship Badfinger
3 Dear Angie Badfinger
4 Fisherman Badfinger
5 Midnight Sun Badfinger
6 Beautiful and Blue Badfinger
7 Rock of All Ages Badfinger
8 Carry On till Tomorrow Badfinger
9 I'm In Love Badfinger
10 Walk Out In the Rain Badfinger
11 Angelique Badfinger
12 Knocking Down Our Home Badfinger
13 Give It a Try Badfinger
14 Maybe Tomorrow Badfinger
15 And Her Daddy's a Millionaire Badfinger Alternate Version
16 Mrs. Jones Badfinger Remix
17 Sali Bloo Badfinger Mono Mix
18 I've Been Waiting Badfinger Unedited Remix

Disc 6
1 Right Now Billy Preston
2 Little Girl Billy Preston
3 Use What You Got Billy Preston
4 My Sweet Lord Billy Preston
5 Let the Music Play Billy Preston
6 The Same Again Billy Preston
7 I've Got a Feeling Billy Preston
8 Sing One For the Lord Billy Preston
9 When You Are Mine Billy Preston
10 I Don't Want You To Pretend Billy Preston
11 Encouraging Words Billy Preston
12 All Things (Must) Pass Billy Preston
13 You've Been Acting Strange Billy Preston
14 Something's Gotta Change Billy Preston
15 How Long Has This Train Been Gone Billy Preston
16 I Know My Change is Gonna Come Billy Preston

Disc 7
1 Do What You Want Billy Preston
2 I Want To Thank You Billy Preston
3 Everything's All Right Billy Preston
4 She Belongs To Me Billy Preston
5 It Doesn't Matter Billy Preston
6 Morning Star Billy Preston
7 Hey Brother Billy Preston
8 What About You Billy Preston
9 Let Us All Get Together Right Now Billy Preston
10 This is It Billy Preston
11 Keep It To Yourself Billy Preston
12 That's the Way God Planned It, Pts. 1 & 2 Billy Preston
13 Poor Me Billy Preston
14 A Funky Thingin A Billy Preston
15 Golden Dreams Billy Preston

Disc 8
1 Ain't That Cute Doris Troy
2 Special Care Doris Troy
3 Give Me Back My Dynamite Doris Troy
4 You Tore Me Up Inside Doris Troy
5 Games People Play Doris Troy
6 Gonna Get My Baby Back Doris Troy
7 I've Got To Be Strong Doris Troy
8 Hurry Doris Troy
9 So Far Doris Troy
10 Exactly Like You Doris Troy
11 You Give Me Joy Joy Doris Troy
12 Don't Call Me No More Doris Troy
13 Jacob's Ladder Doris Troy
14 All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You) Doris Troy
15 Get Back Doris Troy
16 Dearest Darling Doris Troy
17 What You Will Blues Doris Troy
18 Vaya Con Dios Doris Troy
19 All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You) [ Alt Doris Troy

Disc 9
1 International Mary Hopkin
2 There's Got To Be More Mary Hopkin
3 Silver Birch and Weeping Willow Mary Hopkin
4 How Come the Sun Mary Hopkin
5 Earth Song Mary Hopkin
6 Martha Mary Hopkin
7 Streets of London Mary Hopkin 0:10
8 The Wind Mary Hopkin
9 Water, Paper and Clay Mary Hopkin
10 Ocean Song Mary Hopkin
11 Kew Gardens Mary Hopkin
12 When I Am Old One Day Mary Hopkin
13 Let My Name Be Sorrow Mary Hopkin

Disc 10
1 Those Were the Days Mary Hopkin
2 Lord of the Reedy River Mary Hopkin
3 Happiness Runs (Pebble and the Man) Mary Hopkin
4 Love is the Sweetest Thing Mary Hopkin
5 Y Blodyn Gwyn Mary Hopkin
6 The Honeymoon Song Mary Hopkin
7 The Puppy Song Mary Hopkin
8 Inch Worm Mary Hopkin
9 Voyage of the Moon Mary Hopkin
10 Lullaby of the Leaves Mary Hopkin
11 Young Love Mary Hopkin
12 Someone To Watch Over Me Mary Hopkin
13 Prince En Avignon Mary Hopkin
14 The Game Mary Hopkin
15 There's No Business Like Show Business Mary Hopkin
16 Turn Turn Turn (To Everything There is a Season) Mary Hopkin
17 Goodbye Mary Hopkin
18 Sparrow Mary Hopkin
19 Fields of St. Etienne Mary Hopkin

Disc 11
1 Documentary John Tavener
2 Melodrama and Pantomine John Tavener
3 Invocation John Tavener
4 The Storm John Tavener
5 The Swallowing John Tavener
6 The Prayer John Tavener
7 In the Belly John Tavener
8 Celtic Requiem (I-Requiem Aeternam) John Tavener
9 Celtic Requiem (II-Dies Irae) John Tavener
10 Celtic Requiem (III-Requiescat In Pace) John Tavener
11 Nomine Jesu John Tavener
12 Coplas John Tavener

Disc 12
1 Speak To Me Jackie Lomax
2 Is This What You Want? Jackie Lomax
3 How Can You Say Goodbye Jackie Lomax
4 Sunset Jackie Lomax
5 Sour Milk Sea Jackie Lomax
6 Fall Inside Your Eyes Jackie Lomax
7 Little Yellow Pills Jackie Lomax
8 Take My Word Jackie Lomax
9 The Eagle Laughs At You Jackie Lomax
10 Baby You're a Lover Jackie Lomax
11 You've Got Me Thinking Jackie Lomax
12 I Just Don't Know Jackie Lomax
13 New Day Jackie Lomax Mono Singles Mix
14 Thumbin� a Ride Jackie Lomax
15 How the Web Was Woven Jackie Lomax
16 You've Got To Be Strong Jackie Lomax
17 You Make It With Me Jackie Lomax
18 Can You Hear Me Jackie Lomax

Disc 13
1 Blue Necklace The Modern Jazz Quartet
2 Three Little Feelings, Pts. 1, 2, & 3 The Modern Jazz Quartet
3 Exposure The Modern Jazz Quartet
4 The Jasmin Tree The Modern Jazz Quartet
5 Visitor From Venus The Modern Jazz Quartet
6 Visitor From Mars The Modern Jazz Quartet
7 Here's That Rainy Day (Carnival of Flanders) The Modern Jazz Quartet
8 Dilemma The Modern Jazz Quartet
9 Adagio From Concierto De Aranjuez The Modern Jazz Quartet
10 Yesterday The Modern Jazz Quartet

Disc 14

1 Govinda Radha Krsna Temple
2 Sri Guruvastak Radha Krsna Temple
3 Bhaja Bhakata Radha Krsna Temple
4 Arotrika Radha Krsna Temple
5 Hare Krisna Mantra Radha Krsna Temple
6 Sri Isopanisad Radha Krsna Temple
7 Bhaja Hure Mana Radha Krsna Temple
8 Govinda Jai Jai Radha Krsna Temple
9 Prayer To the Spiritual Masters Radha Krsna Temple
10 Namaste Saraswati Devi Radha Krsna Temple

Disc 15
1 Those Were the Days Mary Hopkin
2 Carolina In My Mind James Taylor
3 Maybe Tomorrow The Iveys
4 Thingumybob The Black Dyke Mills Band
5 King of Fuh Brute Force
6 Sour Milk Sea Jackie Lomax
7 Goodbye Mary Hopkin
8 That's the Way God Planned It Billy Preston
9 New Day Jackie Lomax
10 Golden SlumbersCarry That Weight Trash
11 Give Peace a Chance Hot Chocolate Band
12 Come and Get It Badfinger
13 Ain't That Cute Doris Troy
14 My Sweet Lord Billy Preston
15 Try Some, Buy Some Ronnie Spector
16 Govinda Radha Krsna Temple
17 We're On Our Way Chris Hodge
18 Saturday Nite Special Sundown Playboys
19 God Save Us Bill Elliot & the Elastic Oz Band
20 Sweet Music Lon VanEaton
21 Day After Day Badfinger

Disc 16
1 I've Been Waiting Badfinger Unedited Remix
2 Dear Angie Badfinger Mono Mix
3 Think About the Good Times Badfinger Mono Mix
4 No Escaping Your Love Badfinger Mono Mix
5 Arthur Badfinger Remix
6 Storm In a Tea Cup Badfinger
7 Yesterday Ain't Coming Back Badfinger Mono Mix
8 Love Me Do Badfinger Instrumental Version Instrumental
9 Get Down Badfinger
10 Money Badfinger Earlier Version Version
11 Flying Badfinger Earlier Version Version
12 Perfection Badfinger Earlier Version Version
13 Suitcase Badfinger Earlier Version Version
14 Sweet Tuesday Morning [Ver Badfinger Earlier Version
15 Mean Mean Jemima Badfinger
16 Loving You Badfinger
17 Get Away Badfinger Version Version
18 When I Say Badfinger Version Version
19 The Winner Badfinger Version Version
20 I Can Love You Badfinger Version Version
21 Piano Red Badfinger

Disc 17
1 . Billy Preston
2 As I Get Older Billy Preston
3 That's the Way God Planned It Billy Preston Alternate Version Alternate Take
4 As Long As I Got My Baby Billy Preston
5 All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You) Billy Preston
6 Going Back To Liverpool Jackie Lomax
7 Sour Milk Sea Jackie Lomax Mono Mix
8 The Eagle Laughs at You Jackie Lomax Mono Mix
9 Little Yellow Pills Jackie Lomax Mono Mix
10 Quand Je Te Regarde Vivre Mary Hopkin Let My Name Be Sorrow, In French
11 Watashi O Kanashimi To Yonde Mary Hopkin Let My Name Be Sorrow, In Japanese
12 Jefferson Mary Hopkin
13 Quelli Erano Giorni Mary Hopkin Those Were the Days, In Italian
14 Que Tiempo Tan Feliz Mary Hopkin Those Were the Days, In Spanish
15 An Jenam Tag Mary Hopkin Those Were the Days, In German
16 Le Temps des Fleurs Mary Hopkin Those Were the Days, In French


UnRar password: http://www.linxdown.com/296639-va-apple-records-box-set-2010-box-setlimited.html#ixzz1HXlsk1J7

Fast Download: http://www.FriendlyDuck.com/AF_TA/rel/index.cfm?RST=UNF&TAD=423527&dl=am
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VA - Apple Records Box Set (2010) (Box set,Limited Edition,Original re
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