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 Blind Willie McTell - Tryin To Get Home (1940)

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Blind Willie McTell - Tryin To Get Home (1940) Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Blind Willie McTell - Tryin To Get Home (1940)   Blind Willie McTell - Tryin To Get Home (1940) Icon_minitime19/4/2011, 19:51

Blind Willie McTell - Tryin To Get Home (1940) 1303192423772

Blind Willie McTell - Tryin To Get Home (1940)
Genre: Blues | Label: Document | MP3 320Kbps | 15 track | 95 MB

Willie McTell CDs Tryin??e??ao To Get Home presents what must be one of
the most historic recordings in African-American history. The result of
this encounter in Atlanta, Georgia, was a recorded interview which
captured a close insight into the life and music of one of the greatest
Country Blues names to have been commercially recorded. Presented here
in their entirety is a fascinating insight into the man who inspired
among others Allman Brothers, Taj Mahal and Bob Dylan. Blind Willie
discusses his life, recording career and the history behind his music.
Twelve excellent performances including blues, spirituals, ballads and
rags can be heard. His skills as a 12-string guitarist, including some
beautiful bottleneck / slide guitar, underline his reputation as being
one of the finest musicians from Georgia. The history of these Library
of Congress, Archive of American Folk Song, recordings is rooted in a
visit made by John and Ruby Lomax to Atlanta, Georgia during November
1940. It is reported that Ruby spotted a "Negro man with a guitar"
entertaining at a pig n whistle stand. Stopping their car to enquire,
they discovered that the individual was Blind Willie McTell who had
recorded for Victor, Columbia and Decca. The Lomaxes gave him a lift
back to their hotel and the totally blind McTell astounded them by
giving accurate directions from the map etched on his memory. Despite
having been involved in a minor motoring accident the previous night, he
agreed to return the following day to sing and reminisce for them. The
next morning in their hotel room he "sang and played his 12-string
guitar vigorously for two hours", forty or so minutes of which were
committed to tape. Includes informative booklet notes by Alan Balfour
and detailed discography.


(2:56) 1. Just As Well Get Ready, You Got To Die/Climbing High Mountains, Tryin' To Get...
(1:56) 2. Monologue On Accidents
(1:58) 3. Boll Weevil
(2:33) 4. Delia
(3:11) 5. Dying Crapshooter's Blues
(1:38) 6. Will Fox
(4:38) 7. I Got To Cross The River Jordan
(3:08) 8. Monolgue On Old Songs/Old Time Religion, Amen
(1:21) 9. Amazing Grace
(5:44) 10. Monologue On History Of The Blues/Monologue On Life As Maker Of Records...
(1:49) 11. King Edward Blues
(3:05) 12. Murderer's Home Blues
(2:43) 13. Kill-It-Kid Rag
(2:50) 14. Chainey
(1:51) 15. I Got To Cross De River O' Jordan

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Blind Willie McTell - Tryin To Get Home (1940)
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