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 VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet)

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VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet) Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet)   VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet) Icon_minitime22/4/2011, 18:36

VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet) 2329c6a31b100cebbd9e1c4a375ea293
VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet)
Genre: Boogie Woogie | Label: Membran Music | 10CD | MP3 320 kbps | 1.34 GB


01. Albert Ammons - Boogie Woogie Stomp
02. Pinetop Smith - Pinetops Boogie Woogie
03. Pete Johnson & Joe Turner - Roll 'Em Pete
04. Cow Cow Davenport - Cow Cow Blues
05. Meade Lux Lewis - Honky Tonk Train Blues
06. Clarence Lofton & Red Nelson - Streamline Train
07. Jimmy Yancey - Yancey Special
08. Clarence Williams - Sugar Blues
09. Big Maceo - Texas Stomp
10. Tampa Red - Boogie Woogie Dance
11. Romeo Nelson [vclTampa Red & Frankie Jaxon] - Head Rag Hop [1929]
12. Jimmy Blythe - Boogie Woogie Blues
13. Pete Johnson - Let 'Em Jump
14. Walter Roland - Jookit Jookit
15. Speckled Red - St. Louis Stomp
16. Turner Parrish - Fives
17. Albert Ammons - Bass Goin' Crazy
18. Montana Taylor - Indiana Avenue Stomp
19. Little Brother Montgomery - Parrish Street Jive
20. James P. Johnson - Harlem Chocolate Babies


01.44 Blues - Roosevelt Sykes
02.Kidman Blues - Big Maceo
03.Barrelhouse Woman No.2 - Leroy Carr
04.Boogie Woogie Blues - Albert Ammons
05.Lux' Boogie - Meade Lux Lewis
06.Sixth Avenue Express - Albert Ammons & Pete Johnson
07.Death Ray Boogie - Pete Johnson
08.Glendale Glide - Meade Lux Lewis
09.Slum Gullion Stomp - Cow Cow Davenport
10.Jump Steady Blues - Pinetop Smith
11.K Special - Jimmy Yancey
12.Strut That Thing - Clarence Lofton & Red Nelson
13.Wilkins Street Stomp - Speckled Red
14.Detroit Rocks - Montana Taylor
15.Suitcase Blues - Albert Ammons
16.Papa De Da Da - Clarence Williams
17.Climbin' and Screamin' - Pete Johnson
18.Chain 'em Down - Leroy Garnett
19.Getting Dirty - Romeo Nelson
20.Detroit Jump - Big Maceo


01.5th Street Blues - Cow Cow Davenport
02.Randini's Boogie - Meade Lux Lewis
03.Chicago Stomp - Jimmy Blythe
04.Me Play With Your Poodle - Tampy Red & Big Maceo
05.Albert's Special Boogie Woogie - Albert Ammons
06.Birmingham Blues - James P. Johnson
07.You So Dumb - Roosevelt Sykes
08.Chicago Breakdown - Big Maceo
09.Junker Blues - Champion Jack Dupree
10.The Dirty Dozen - Speckled Red
11.Whoopee Mama Blues - John Oscar
12.State Street Jive - Cow Cow Davenport
13.Sober Now - Pinetop Smith
14.Gonna Pitch A Boogie Woogie - The Harlem Hamfats
15.Bearcat Crawl - Meade Lux Lewis
16.Rhumboogie - Bob Zurke
17.Central Avenue Breakdown - Lionel Hampton
18.Yancey's Buggle Call - Jimmy Yancey
19.The Dirty Dozen No.2 - Speckled Red
20.Shreveport Blues - Little Brother Montgomery


01.Hurry and Bring It On Home - Cow Cow Davenport
02.Gulf Coast Blues - Clarence Johnson
03.Society Blues - Jimmy Blythe
04.Hard and Luck Blues - Everett Robbins
05.Down and Out Blues - Lemuel Fowler
06.The Fives - Hersal Thomas
07.Crying In My Sleep - Jimmy Yancey
08.Whistlin' Blues - Meade Lux Lewis
09.Cuttin' The Boogie - Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons
10.Tell' Em About Me - Jimmy Yancey
11.Footpedal Boogie - Albert Ammons & Pete Johnson
12.Willie The Cool Cat - Big Jay Mc Neely
13.Junie Flip - Clifford Blivens
14.The Mellow Blues - Jimmy Yancey
15.Pine Creek - Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons
16.Just Crazy - Big Jay Mc Neely
17.Rock A Bye The Boogie - Will Bradley
18.Chicken Gumboogie - Ray Mc Kinley
19.35th and Dearborn - Jimmy Yancey
20.Movin' The Boogie - Albert Ammons & Pete Johnson


01.Deep Morgan Boogie - Henry Brown
02.Number 29 - Wesley Wallace
03.The Boogie Woogie - Cleo Brown
04.Roll 'em Boogie - Benny Goodman Orchestra
05.Chitling Ball - King Porter
06.Mary's Boogie Woogie - Mary Lou Williams
07.Horse'n'boogie - Abe Lyman
08.Ross Tavern Boogie - Ard Hodes
09.The Woodchopper's Ball - Woody Herman
10.The Honky Tonk - Rene Faure
11.Beat Me Daddy - Woody Herman
12.Overnight Hop - Red Nichols
13.Wiggle The Woogie - Count Basie Orchestra
14.Quicksilver Boogie - Will Bradley & His Orchestra
15.Eight Letters - Raymond Scott
16.Cow Cow Boogie - Ella Mae Morse
17.Brazilian Boogie - Lena Horne
18.Boogie Woogie Express - Derryck Sampson
19.Boogie Woogie Boogie - Erroll Garner
20.The Dive Bomber Boogie - Pete Johnson


01.G R Boogie - Gene Rodgers
02.Sail On - T-Bone Walker
03.Boogie for Two Fingers - Lionel Hampton
04.Rock Boogie Woogie - Jim Wynn
05.Bartender Boogie - Jack McVea
06.Dripper's Boogie - Joe Liggins
07.Jump the Boogie Woogie - Luke Jones
08.Frantic Boogie - Jack McVea
09.Hampton's Walking Boogie - Lionel Hampton
10.At the Band Box - Hadda Brooks
11.New Broom Boogie - Al Dexter
12.Big Chief Boogie - Spade Cooley
13.Frank Bull's Boogie - Jimmy Grissom
14.The Big Three Boogie [1947] - Big Three Trio
15.Oscar Plays the Boogie - Oscar Peterson Trio
16.Blue Book Boogie - Jesse Price
17.Swanee River Boogie - Pete Johnson
18.Hungarian Rhapsody in Boogie - Hadda Brooks
19.Fat Stuff Boogie - Milt Buckner
20.Elevator Boogie - Mabel Scott


01.Give Me Your Change - Willie Kelly
02.My Blue Heaven - Sammy Price
03.Down The Road Apiece - Will Bradley
04.Chicago In My Mind - Albert Ammons
05.Bass On Top - Meade Lux Lewis
06.Vine Street Blues - Pete Johnson
07.Stormy Weather - Sammy Price
08.Three Ring Ragout - Will Bradley
09.Gonna Beat It To Memphis - Joe Coleman
10.Crescent City Blues - Little Brother Montgomery
11.Untitled Boogie Woogie - Sammy Price
12.The Booblie Wooglie Piggy - Will Bradley
13.The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise - Sammy Benskin
14.Funny Feathers - Art Hodes
15.State Street Special - Jimmy Yancey
16.Boogie With Riffs - Sammy Price
17.Shoot For Joy - Albert Ammons
18.The Father's Gateway - Earl Hines
19.Aunt Hagar's Blues - Art Tatum
20.Barefoot Boogie - Sammy Price


01.Meade Lux Special - Artie Shaw
02.Boogie Woogie Blues - Larry Clinton
03.Brass Boogie (part One) - Bob Crosby
04.Brass Boogie (part Two) - Bob Crosby
05.Small Batch O' Nod - Freddie Slack
06.Gabriel Meets the Duke - Erskine Hawkins
07.Bernie's Boogie - Sammy Price
08.Thanks for the Boogie Ride - Gene Krupa
09.Twos and Fews - Albert Ammons & Meade Lux Lewis
10.Foot Pete - Freddie Slack
11.Straight Eight Boogie - Teddy Powell
12.Trouble In Mind - Sammy Price
13.Rockin' the Boogie - Freddie Slack
14.Five O'clock Whistle - Will Bradley
15.In the Morning - Clarence Lofton
16.Jim Jackson's Hamboree - Speckled Red
17.White Sox Stomp - Jimmy Yancey
18.Dearborn Street Breakdown - Charles Avery
19.Goin' Back Home - Sammy Price
20.South Side Stuff - Jimmy Yancey


01.Rocket Boogie - Big Joe Turner
02.Chuck A Boogie - Johnny Griffin
03.Georgia Boogie Woogie - Curley Williams
04.Mississippi Boogie - Jimmy Liggins
05.Lightnin' Boogie - Lightnin' Hopkins
06.Boogie Woogie Baby - Roy Milton
07.Marchin' Boogie - Johnny Griffin
08.Eiffel Tower Boogie - Sam Price
09.Rattlesnakin' Boogie - Madonna Martin
10.Rub a Little With a Boogie - Champion Jack Dupree
11.Professon Longhair's Boogie - Donald Byrd
12.Tatum Pole Boogie - Art Tatum
13.Rock It - Lil Armstrong
14.When I Grew Too Old - Camille Howard
15.On The Fishmarket - Freddie Mitchell
16.Beer Bottle Boogie - Marylin Scott
17.Married Woman's Boogie - Billy Wright
18.Beatin' With Chopsticks - Freddie Slack
19.Bongo Boogie - Lucky Millinder
20.Joogie Boogie - Tab Smith


01.The Boogie Woogie - Honey Hill
02.Shuffle Boogie - Pete Johnson
03.South Side Shuffle - Art Hodes
04.Mecca Flat Blues - Albert Ammons
05.Gin Mill Blues - Bob Zurke
06.Down the Road - Freddie Slack
07.Woo Woo - Albert Ammons
08.Boo Woo Woo - Pete Johnson & Harry James
09.Oscar's Boogie - Oscar Peterson
10.Boogie Joys - Ralph Sutton
11.At the Downtown Caf - Eddie Heywood
12.Jammin' the Boogie - Albert Ammons
13.Boogie Woogie Maxixe - Joe Sullivan
14.Choo Choo Ch'boogie - Louis Jordan
15.Cliff's Boogie Blues - Clifton Jackson & His Village Cats
16.If Things Don't Get Better - Beverley White
17.Mister Black Man - Laverne Holt
18.Boogie Express - Deryck Sampson
19.It Was So Good - Lizzie Baker
20.Don't Stop Now - Beverley White

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VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet) Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Re: VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet)   VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet) Icon_minitime28/4/2011, 16:17

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VA - Boogie Woogie (2007) (10CD BoxSet)
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