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  Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor - Thelonious Sphere Monk: D

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 Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor - Thelonious Sphere Monk: D Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor - Thelonious Sphere Monk: D    Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor - Thelonious Sphere Monk: D Icon_minitime3/5/2011, 21:24

 Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor - Thelonious Sphere Monk: D 9

Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor - Thelonious Sphere Monk: Dreaming Of The Masters Vol. 2 (1991)
EAC rip | FLAC + CUE + LOG | Full Scans | 330 Mb
Genre ~ Free Jazz, Contemporary Jazz | Label ~ DIW Records

a grand convergence of sound sorcerors. From the American Midwest comes
The Art Ensemble Of Chicago (trumpeter Lester Bowie, saxophonists
Joseph Jarman and Roscoe Mitchell, bassist Malachi Favors Maghostut, and
percussionist Famoudou Don Moye), representing the pan-idiomatic forces
and open mysteries nurturing the Jazz avant garde -and so much more-
into the here and now. From the American Northeast comes guest Cecil
Taylor, grandmaster of the acoustic piano and a principal purveyor of
that very avant garde for a good half-century going strong. The result,
this early 1990 tribute to/extension of the legacies established by the
legendary Thelonious Monk, is a towering achievement.
The three
collaborations showcase the rich diversity that these pioneers command,
from the fertile tempests of "Excerpts from Fifteen Part 3A" to the
lotus jewel delicacy of "Caseworks". Those who pontificate about the
"deep" nature of so-called Rap (or whatever its cover, these days) are
advised to check the Third World dawn, poetic chant, urban diddy-wah and
other soundscapes which emanate from "Intro To Fifteen". Here, word
sound empowers picturesque, polyharmonic flowers, sprouting courageously
through the morass of our deadened senses.

As for the AECO's
selections, note the gamely gallop of "Nutty", after its hysterical
intro which is, purposely, quite nutty! "Round Midnight" is very
well-served, its lace of surreal starshine ushering in the bounties of
the full Moon, and a new day at hand.

The Great Black Music
emerges unbowed, "Dreaming Of The Masters"; one with the Spirits of
those come before, and refreshing mists of brighter moments to come.

Its promise, the right to wonder, lingers... ~ Amazon Customer's Review
Tracks List

1 Dreaming Of The Masters (0:54)
2 Intro To Fifteen (18:23)
3 Excerpt From Fifteen Part 3A (10:48)
4 Round Midnight (15:21)
5 Caseworks (8:18)
6 Nutty (7:24)
7 Dreaming Of The Masters (0:52)


Bass, Performer [Belafon], Percussion - Malachi Favors Maghostut*
Executive Producer - Disk Union
[Sun Percussion, Chimes], Drums, Congas, Bongos, Drums [Bass Pan Drum],
Bells, Triangle, Gong, Whistle, Performer [Belafon] - Famoudou Don Moye
Piano, Voice, Percussion - Cecil Taylor
Producer - Art Ensemble Of Chicago*
Saxophone [Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone], Flute, Synthesizer, Percussion - Joseph Jarman
Saxophone [Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass], Flute, Wind [Piccolo], Percussion - Roscoe Mitchell
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion - Lester Bowie

Notes: Recorded on 16-19 & 31 January, 3 February and 10, 11 March 1990 at Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

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Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor - Thelonious Sphere Monk: D
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