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  Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968

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 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968     Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Icon_minitime12/9/2011, 21:45

 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Stax+Collection+01-1

Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968 Part 1

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 01

The Veltones - Fool In Love

Carla & Rufus - 'Cause I Love You

Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz

The Chips - You Make Me Feel So Good

Carla Thomas - A Love Of My Own

Mar-Keys - Last Night

Rufus & Friend - I Didn't Believe

Prince Conley - I'm Going Home

Carla Thomas - (Mama, Mama) Wish Me Good Luck

Mar-Keys - Morning After

Barbara Stephens - The Life I Live

Mar-Keys - About Noon

Triumphs - Burnt Biscuits

Carla Thomas - I Kinda Think He Does

Mar-Keys - Foxy

William Bell - You Don't Miss Your Water

William Bell - Formula Of Love

Macy Skipper - Goofin' Off

Barbara Stephens - Wait A Minute

Nick Charles - Sunday Jealous

Barbara Stephens - That's The Way It Is With Me

The Tonettes - No Tears

Mar-Keys - Pop-Eye Stroll

Nick Charles - The Three Dogwoods

The Canes - Why Should I Suffer With The Blues!

Mar-Keys - Whot's Happenin'!

The Del-Rios - Just Across The Street

The Del-Rios - There's A Love

Rufus Thomas - Can't Ever Let You Go

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 02

Booker T. & The MG's - Green Onions

Booker T. & The MG's - Behave Yourself

William Bell - Any Other Way

Carla Thomas - I'll Bring It Home To You

Mar-Keys - Sack-O-Woe

Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine

The Tonettes - Teardrop Sea

Rufus Thomas - The Dog

Booker T. & The MG's - Jelly Bread

William Bell - I Told You So

Mar-Keys - Bo-Time

Booker T. & The MG's - Home Grown

Deanie Parker & The Valadors - My Imaginary Guy

William Bell - Just As I Thought

Carla Thomas - What A Fool I've Been

Eddie Kirk - The Hawg, Part One

Oscar Mack - Don't Be Afraid Of Love

Cheryl & Pam Johnson - That's My Guy

Booker T. & The MG's - Chinese Checkers

William Bell - Somebody Mentioned Your Name

Bobby Marchan - What Can I Do

Otis Redding - That's What My Heart Needs

The Astors - What Can It Be

Billy & The King Bees - Bango

Eddie Kirk - Them Bones

Rufus Thomas - Walking The Dog

William Bell - I'll Show You

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 03

Otis Redding - Pain In My Heart

Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz It's Christmas

Booker T. & The MG's - Mo' Onions

Floyd Nwman - Frog Stomp

Rufus Thomas - Can Your Monkey Do The Dog

Bobby Marchan - You Won't Do Right

The Drapels - Wondering (When My Love Is Coming Home)

Deanie Parker - Each Step I Take

The Van-Dells - The Honey Dripper

William Bell - Who Will It Be Tomorrow

Otis Redding - Come To Me

Otis Redding - Don't Leave Me This Way

Eddie Jefferson - I Don't Want You Anymore

The Cobras - Restless

Rufus Thomas - Somebody Stole My Dog

Barbara & The Browns - Big Party

Rufus & Carla - That's Really Some Good

Rufus & Carla - Night Time Is The Right Time

Otis Redding - Security

Oscar Mack - Dream Girl

Dorothy Williams - Closer To My Baby

Carla Thomas - I've Got No Time To Lose

The Drapels - Young Man

Booker T. & The MG's - Soul Dressing

Wendy Rene - After Laughter (Comes Tears)

Ivory Joe Hunter - Can't Explain How It Happened

Mar-Keys - Bush Bash

The Fleets - Please Return To Me

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 04

Rufus Thomas - Jump Back

Otis Redding - Chained And Bound

Barbara & The Browns - In My Heart

Johnny Jenkins - Spunky

Wendy Rene - Bar B-q

Mad Lads - The Sidewalk Surf

Booker T. & The Mg's - Can't Be Still

Carla Thomas - A Woman's Love

Baracudas - Yank Me (Doodle)

Otis Redding - That's How Strong My Love Is

Otis Redding - Mr Pitiful

Del-Rays - Don't Let Her Be Your Baby

David Porter - Can't See You When I Want To

Barbara & The Browns - My Lover

The Admirals - Got You On My Mind

Carla Thomas - How Do You Quit (Someone You Love)

Gorgeous George - Biggest Fool In Town

Mar-keys - Banana Juice

Rufus Thomas - Little Sally Walker

Sam & Dave - A Place Nobody Can Find

Sam & Dave - Goodnight Baby

Booker T. & The Mg's - Boot-leg

Booker T. & The Mg's - Outrage

Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)

Otis Redding - I'm Depending On You

Astors - Candy

Wendy Rene - Give You What I Got

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 05

Carla Thomas - Stop Look What You're Doin'

Rufus Thomas - Willy Nilly

Mad Lads - Don't Have To Shop Around

William Bell - Crying All By Myself

Sam & Dave - I Take What I Want

Rufus & Carla - When You Move You Loose

Otis Redding - Respect

The Premiers - Make It Me

Rufus Thomas - The World Is Round

The Astors - In The Twilight Zone

Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads - Blue groove

Sam & Dave - You Don't Know Like I Know

The Mar-Keys - Grab This Thing (Part 1)

Booker T & The MG's - Be My Lady

Carla Thomas - Comfort Me

Otis Redding - I Can't Turn You Loose

Otis Redding - Just One More Day

Mad Lads - I Want Someone

Rufus & Carla - Birds & Bees

Mar-Keys - Philly Dog

Johnny Taylor - I Had A Dream

Otis Redding - Satisfaction

Eddie Floyd - Things Get Better

Ruby Johnson - I'll Run Your Hurt Away

Four Shells - Hot Dog

Carla Thomas - Let Me Be Good To You

Sam & Dave - Hold On I'm Comin'

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 06

Albert King - Laundromat Blues

Mad Lads - Sugar Sugar

William Bell - Share What You Got (But Keep What You Need)

William Bell - Marching Off To War

Otis Redding - My Lover's Prayer

Mable John - Your Good Thing (Is About To End)

Johnnie Taylor - I Got to Love Somebody's Baby

Mad Lads - I Want A Girl

Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood

Carla Thomas - B - A - B - Y

Booker T. & The MG's - My Sweet Potato

Booker T. & The MG's - Booker Loo

Albert King - Oh, Pretty Woman

Sam & Dave - Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody

William Bell - Never Like This Before

Otis Redding - Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)

Mad Lads - Patch My Heart

Rufus Thomas - Sisters' Got A Boyfriend

Ruby Johnson - Come To Me Darling

Ruby Johnson - When My Love Comes Down

Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness

Albert King - Crosscut Saw

Johnnie Taylor - Little Bluebird

Johnnie Taylor - Toe Hold

Booker T. & The MG's - Jingle Bells





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Příspěvky : 31248
Pisces Věk : 66
Registrace : 16. 07. 08

 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Re: Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968     Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Icon_minitime12/9/2011, 21:46

 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Stax+Collection+02-1

Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968 Part 2

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 07

Sam & Dave - You Got Me Hummin'

Mable John - You're Taking Up Another Man's Place

Carla Thomas - All I Want for Christmas is You

Charmels - Please Uncle Sam (Send Back My Man)

Carla Thomas - Something Good (is Going to Happen to You)

Eddie Floyd - Raise Your Hand

Johnnie Taylor - Ain't That Loving You (for More Reasons T

Mad Lads - I Don't Want to Lose Your Love

Sam & Dave - When Something is Wrong with My Baby

Bobby Wilson - Let Me Down Slow

Booker T. & The MGs - Hip Hug-Her

William Bell - Everybody Loves a Winner

Sir Mack Rice - Mini-Skirt Minnie

Carla Thomas - When Tomorrow Comes

Eddie Purrell - The Spoiler

Otis Redding - I Love You More Than Words Can Say

Ruby Johnson - If I Ever Needed Love (I Sure Do Need It No

Mable John - Same Time Same Place

Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Tramp

Bar-Kays - Soul Finger

Bar-Kays - Knucklehead

Otis Redding - Shake

Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign

Sam & Dave - Soothe Me

Sam & Dave - I Can't Stand Up

Eddie Floyd - Don't Rock the Boat

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 08

Mad Lads - My Inspiration

Sir Mack Rice - Love Sickness

Rufus Thomas - Sophisticated Sissy

Carla Thomas - I'll Always Have Faith in You

Jeanne & the Darlings - How Can You Mistreat the One You L

Eddie Floyd - Love is a Doggone Good Thing

Booker T. & the MGs - Groovin'

Booker T. & the MGs - Slim Jenkin's Place

Otis Redding - Glory of Love

Mable John - I'm a Big Girl Now

Mable John - Wait, You Dog

Johnnie Taylor - You Can't Get Away from It

William Bell - Eloise (Hang on in There)

Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Knock on Wood

C.L. Blast - I'm Glad to Do It

C.L. Blast - Double Up

Judy Clay - You Can't Run Away from Your Heart

Charmels - I'll Gladly Take You Back

Sam & Dave - Soul Man

Astors - Daddy Didn't Tell Me

Bar-Kays - Give Everybody Some

Eddie Floyd - On a Saturday Night

Mable John - Don't Hit Me No More

Johnnie Taylor - Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed

Booker T. & The MGs - Winter Snow

William Bell - Every Day Will be Like a Holiday

Johnny Daye - What'll I Do for Satisfaction

Carla Thomas - Pick Up the Pieces

Stax Vol. 1 (Singles 1959-1968) - CD 09

Rufus Thomas - Down Ta My House

Charmels - As Long as I've Got You

Jeanne & the Darlings - Soul Girl

Albert King - Cold Feet

Sam & Dave - I Thank You

Sam & Dave - Wrap It Up

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay

Memphis Nomads - Don't Pass Your Judgement

Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Lovey Dovey

Ollie & The Nightingales - I Got a Sure Thing

Eddie Floyd - Big Bird

Bar-Kays - A Hard Day's Night

Johnnie Taylor - Next Time

William Bell - A Tribute to a King

William Bell - Every Man Oughta Have a Woman

Mable John - Able Mable

Rufus Thomas - The Memphis Train

Rufus Thomas - I Think I Made a Boo Boo

Jeanne & The Darlings - What Will Later on be Like

Jeanne & The Darlings - Hang Me Now

Derek Martin - Soul Power

Linda Lyndell - Bring Your Love Back to Me

Carla Thomas - A Dime a Dozen

Mad Lads - Whatever Hurts You

Otis Redding - The Happy Song (Dum Dum)

Albert King - (I Love) Lucy

Johnnie Taylor - I Ain't Particular

Soul Classsics

Stevie Wonder - I Was Made To Love Her

Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston - It Takes Two

Diana Ross & The Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love

Temptations - My Girl

Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman

Sam Cooke - Chain Gang

Velvelettes - He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Tracks Of My Tears

Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Temptations - Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Four Tops - Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

Diana Ross & The Supremes With Temptations - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

Edwin Starr - War

Diana Ross &a The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin' On

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Tears Of A Clown

Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself

Diana Ross & The Supremes - Baby Love

Isley Brothers - The Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Jimmy Mack

Jr. Walker & The All Stars - How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

Barrett Strong - Money (That's What I Want)

Stevie Wonder - I'm Wondering

Gladys Knight & The Pips - The End Of The Road

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Dancing In The Street

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Going To A-Go-Go

Mary Wells - My Guy

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - You're All I Need (To Get By)

Super Soul Hits Vol 1

King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew

Chaka Khan - I Feel For You

Joe Tex - Papa Was Too

Club Nouveau - It's A Cold, Cold World

Otis Redding - Treat Her Right

Anita Baker - Caught Up In The Rapture

The Mar-Keys - Last Night

Patti LaBelle - Oh, People

Solomon Burke - If You Need Me

Ready For The World - Oh Sheila

Wilson Pickett - I'm Gonna Cry

James Ingram - Always

Sam & Dave - Talk To The Man

Curtis Hairston - The Morning After

Percy Sledge - Just Out Of Reach

Kleeer - Seeekret

Ray Charles - Tell The Truth

Super Soul Hits Vol 2

Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music

Al B. Sure - Killing Me Softly

Ben E. King - Supernatural Thing (Part I)

Colonel Abrams - Nameless

Glady's Knight & The Pips - Love Overboard

New Edition - You Are Not My Kind Of Girl

Aretha Franklin - Don't Play That Song

Bobby Brown - Roni

The Staple Singers - Let's Do It Again

Don Covay - See Saw

Mac Band - Roses Are Red

The Coasters - I Must Be Dreaming

Pebbles - Girlfriend

George Benson - Oh Broadway

Patti LaBelle & Bill Champlin - The Last Unbroken Heart

Chic - I Want Your Love

Super Soul Hits Vol 3

George McCrae - Rock Your Baby

Brook Benton - Kiddio

Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves Woman

Clarence Carter - Patches

George McCrae - I Can't Leave You Alone

Brook Benton - Rainy Night In Georgia

Sam & Dave - Soul Man

Ben E. King & The Difters - Stand By Me

The Platters - The Great Pretender

Harold Melvin & & the Bluenotes - If You Don't Know Me By Now

Clarence Carter - Slip Away

Martha Reeves - Dancin' In The Street

Jimmy Rufin - What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted

Sam & Dave - Hold On I'm Comin'

Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood

Dobie Gray - Drift Away





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Příspěvky : 31248
Pisces Věk : 66
Registrace : 16. 07. 08

 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Re: Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968     Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Icon_minitime12/9/2011, 21:46

 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Stax+Collection+03-1

Stax Singles Collection 1968-1971 Part 3

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 01

Shirley Walton - I Was Born to Love You

Isaac Hayes - Precious, Precious

Shirley Walton - Send Peace and Harmony Home

Booker T. & The MGs - Soul Limbo

Eddie Floyd - I've Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You

Delaney & Bonnie - It's Been a Long Time Coming

Linda Lyndell - What a Man

Jimmy Hughes - I Like Everything About You

Johnny Daye - Stay Baby Stay

Judy Clay & William Bell - Private Number

The Mad Lads - So Nice

The Staple Singers - Long Walk to D.C.

The Soul Children - Give 'Em Love

Rufus Thomas - Funky Mississippi

The Charmels - Lovin' Feeling

Carla Thomas - Where Do I Go

Judy Clay - Bed of Roses

Eddie Floyd - Bring It On Home to Me

Jeanne And The Darlings - It's Unbelievable (How You Contr

Johnnie Taylor - Who's Making Love

Dino And Doc - Mighty Cold Winter

Booker T. & The MGs - Hang 'Em High

Ollie & The Nightingales - You're Leaving Me

The Bar-Kays - Copy Kat

William Bell - I Forget to Be Your Lover

Mable John - Running Out

William Bell & Judy Clay - My Baby Specializes

The Soul Children - I'll Understand

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 02

The Staple Singers - The Ghetto

Albert King - Blues Power

The Epsilons - The Echo

Rufus Thomas - Funky Way

Johnnie Taylor - Take Care of Your Homework

Carla Thomas - I Like What You're Doing (To Me)

Eddie Floyd - I've Got to Have Your Love

Jimmy Hughes - Let 'Em Down Baby

The Mad Lads - Love Is Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

Judy Clay - It Ain't Long Enough

Ollie & the Nightingales - Mellow Way You Treat Your Man

Sonny Stitt - Private Number

Booker T. & the MGs - Time Is Tight

The Mar-Keys - Double or Nothing

The Staple Singers - (Sittin' on the) Dock of the Bay

The Emotions - So I Can Love You

The Bar-Keys - Don't Stop Dancing (To the Music) (Part 1)

Margie Joseph - One More Chance

Jimmy Dotson - I Wanna Be Good (To You)

Art Jerry Miller - Finger Lickin' Good

The Soul Children - Tighten Up My Thang

William Bell - My Whole World Is Falling Down

Johnny Taylor - Testify (I Wanna)

Albert King - Drowning On Dry Land

The Stingers - Do the Cissy

Eddie Floyd - Don't Tell Your Mama (Where You've Been)

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 03

Booker T. & the MGs - Mrs. Robinson

William Bell & Mavis Staples - Love's Sweet Sensation

Darrell Banks - Just Because Your Love Is Gone

Jimmy Hughes - Chains of Love

William Bell - Happy

The Staple Singers - The Challenge

Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd, William Bell - Soul-a-lujah

Eddie Floyd & Mavis Staples - Never, Never Let You Go

Johnnie Taylor & Carla Thomas - Just Keep on Loving Me

William Bell & Carla Thomas - I Need You Woman

Ollie & the Nightingales - I've Got a Feeling

Jeanne and the Darl - It's Time to Pay for the Fun (We've

Johnny Taylor - I Could Never Be President

The Mad Lads - By the Time I Get to Phoenix

Colette Kelly - Long and Lonely World

Kays - Midnight Cowboy

Carla Thomas - I've Fallen in Love (With You)

Booker T. & the MGs - Slum Baby

The Emotions - The Best Part of a Love Affair

Isaac Hayes - By the Time I Get to Phoenix

Isaac Hayes - Walk On By

Pop Staples, Albert King, Steve Cropper - Tupelo (Part 1)

Steve Cropper, Albert King, Pop Staples - Water

The Soul Children - The Sweeter He Is (Part 1)

Mavis Staples - You're Driving Me (To the Arms of a Stranger)

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 04

The Newcomers - Open Up Your Heart (Let Me In)

Eddie Floyd - Why Is the Wine Sweeter (On the Other Side)

Staple Singers, The - When Will We Be Paid

John Lee Hooker - Grinder Man

William Bell - Born Under a Bad Sign

Margie Joseph - What You Gonna Do

Jimmy Hughes - I'm So Glad

Darrell Banks - Beautiful Feelings

The Dramatics - Your Love Was Strange

Johnnie Taylor - Love Bones

Belaney & Bonnie - Hard to Say Goodbye

J.J. Barnes - Got to Get Rid of You

Reggie Milner - Habit Forming Love

T.S.U. Toronadoes, The - My Thing Is a Moving Thing

The Emotions - Stealing Love

The Emotions - When Tomorrow Comes

Albert King - Wrapped Up in Love Again

Rufus Thomas - Do the Funky Chicken

Eddiie Floyd - California Girl

Bernie Hayes - Tribute to a Black Woman (Part 1)

The Bar-Kays - Sang and Dance

The Soul Children - Hold On, I'm Comin'

Chuck Brooks - Love's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Part

Ernie Hines - Help Me Put Out the Flames (In My Heart)

Roebuck Pop Staples - Black Boy

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 05

Ollie & The Nightingales - Bracing Myself for the Fall

William Bell & Carla Thomas - All I Have to Do Is Dream

Jeanne and the Darlings - Singing About Love

Chris and Shack - Goodies

Barbara Lewis - Just the Way You Are Today

Little Sonny - The Creeper Returns

Carla Thomas - Guide Me Well

The Staple Singers - Give a Damn

Margie Joseph - Your Sweet Lovin'

Johnnie Taylor - Steal Away

James and Blumenberg - I Forgot to Remeber

David Porter - Can't See You When I Want To

Carla Thomas - Never Be True

Albert King - Can't You See What You're Doing to Me

Rufus Thomas - Sixty Minute Man (Part 2)

Rufus Thomas - The Preacher and the Bear

Booker T. & the MGs - Something

The Mad Lads - Seeing is Believin'

Roz Ryan - You're My Only Temptation

Paul Thompson - What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me

Iron Branding - Right, Tight and Out of Sight

John KaSandra - (What's Under) The Natural Do

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 06

Eddie Flyod - My girl

Mavis Staples - I Have Learned to Do Without You

The T.S.U. Toronadoes - Play the Music Toronadoes

William Bell - Lonely Soldier

The Emotions - Heart Association

Isaac Hayes - I Stand Accused

The Staple Singers - Love is Plentiful

Margie Jospeh - Sweeter Tomororow

Bernie Hayes - Cool Strut

The Newcomers - You Put the Sunshine in My World

The Bar-Kays - Montego Bay

Rudy & the Hungry Robinson - Got it Together (Parts 1 & 2)

Little Sonny - Wade in the Water

The Nightingales - You're Movin' Much Too Fast

Eddie Floyd - Best Years of My Life

Johnny Taylor - I Am Somebody (Part 2)

Carla Thomas - I Loved You Like I Love My Very Life

Reggie Milner - Soul Machine

The Temprees - (Follow Her) Rules and Regulations

Rufus Thomas - (Do the) Push and Pull (Part 1)

Charlene and the Soul Serenaders - Love Changes

The Soul Children - Put Your Would in My World (Best of Tw

The Staples Singers - Brand New Day





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Příspěvky : 31248
Pisces Věk : 66
Registrace : 16. 07. 08

 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Re: Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968     Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Icon_minitime12/9/2011, 21:47

 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Stax+Collection+04-1

Stax Singles Collection 1968-1971 Part 4

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 07

The Staple Singers - Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom Boom)

The Staple Singers - Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas

Shack - Too Many Lovers

The Emotions - Black Christmas

Isaac Hayes - The Mistletoe and Me

Barbara Lewis - Ask the Lonely

Johnny Taylor - Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone

The Soul Children - Finish Me Off

Eddie Floyd - Oh, How It Rained

Isaac Hayes - The Look of Love

Ernie Hines - Electrfied Love

Booker T & the MGs - Melting Pot

Barbara Lewis - That's the Way I Like It (I Like it That W

Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff

The Emotions - You Make Me Want to Love You

Margie Joseph - Stop In the Name of Love

Johnny Taylor - I Don't Wanna Lose You

The Tempres - (Girl) I Love You

Rufus Thomas - The World Is Round

William Bell - A Penny for Your Thoughts

Isaac Hayes - Never Can Say Goodbye

The Nightingales - I Don't Want to Be Like My Daddy

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 08

The Staple Singers - You've Got to Earn It

The Limitations - Hold On to It

The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

Iron Branding - Born Too Late

Jimmy Hughes - Just Ain't Strong as I Used to Be

Margie Joseph - That Other Woman Got My Man and Gone

The Emotions - If You Think It (You May as Well Do It)

Calvin Scott - Shame on the Family Name

Eddie Floyd - Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Johnnie Taylor - Hijackin' Love

Melvin Van Peebles - Sweetback's Theme

Rufus Thomas - Breakdown, The (Part 1)

The Newcomers - Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Lee Sain - Them Hot Pants

Little Milton - If That Ain't a Reason

Shack - It's Good to Be Careful (But It's Better to Be Loved)

Ilana - Where Would You Be Today

Albert King - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven

The Soul Children - Got to Get Away From It All

United Image - Love's Creeping Up on Me

The Emotions - Show Me How

David Porter - If I Give It Up, I Want It Back

Little Sonny - A Woman Named Trouble

Stax Vol. 2 (Singles 1968-1971) - CD 09

Eddie Giles - Losing Boy

The Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

Hot Sauce - I'll Kill a Brick (About My Man)

Jean Knight - You Think You're Hot Stuff

William Bell - All for the Love of a Woman

Isaac Hayes - Theme from 'Shaft'

The MG's - Jamaica, This Morning

The Mad Lads - Gone The Promises of Yesterday

Major Lance - Girl, Come on Home

Joni Wilson - (Let Hurt Put You in the) Loser's Seat

The Temprees - My Baby Love

The Leaders - How Do You Move a Mountain

Black Nasty - Black Nasty Boogie (Part 6)

Rufus Thomas - Do the Funky Penguin (Part 1)

Carla Thomas - You've Got a Cushion to Fall On

The Dramatics - Get Up and Get Down

The Bar-Kays - Son of Shaft

L.V. Johnson - Don't Cha Mess with My Money, My Honey, or

Eric Mercury - I Can Smell That Funky Music

Calvin Scott - A Sadness for Things

Little Milton - That's What Love Will Make You Do

Johnnie Taylor - Standing in for Jody

Black Voices Lost In The Soul Music 1

Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing

Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady

Jimmy McCrackin - I Finally Got You

Ann Peebles - Slipped Tripped Fell In Love

Brenton Wood - You're Everuthing I Need

Patti LaBelle - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover

James Brown - Cold Sweat (Pst. 1 & 2)

William Bell - Will You Still Love Me Tommorow

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues

The Sweet Inspiration - Wishes And Dishes

Smokey Robinson - Baby That's Backatcha

Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin'

First Choice - Love And Happines

Randy Crawford - Rainy Night In Georgia

Al Green - Summertime

Ray Charles - Leave My Woman Alone

Shirley Brown - Woman To Woman

Black Voices Lost In The Soul Music 2

Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dean

Gladys Knight & The Pips - Friendship Train

The Temptations - Don't Let The Joneses Get You Down

Rufus Feat. Chaka Khan - Somebody's Watching You

Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine

Millie Jackson - All The Way Lover

Rufus Thomas - Fried Chicken

Joe Tex - Woman Like That, Yeah

Sandra Wrught - Please Don't Say Goodbye

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel - You're All Need To Get By

Darryl Carter - Looking Stright Ahead

Bobby Bland - I Pity The Fool

Wilson Pickett - Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9

Bobby Womack - Communication

Lorraine Ellison - Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)

Diana Ross & Lionel Richie - Endless Love

Soul Evergreen Collection 1

Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem

The Platters - Only You

Brook Benton - A Rainy Night In Georgia

Percy Sledge - Warm And Tender Love

Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares

Sam Cooke - You Send Me

Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is

The Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me

Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl

Jerry Butler - He Will Break Your Heart

Joe Tex - I Believe I'm Gonna Make

Paul & Paula - Hey Paula

Solomon Burke - If You Need Me

The Dells - Oh What A Night

Lee Dorsey - Working In A Coalmine

Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle

Soul Evergreen Collection 2

Sam Cooke - Wonderful World

Gladys Knight The Pips - Every Beat Of My Heart

Bobby Womack - Love, The Time Is Now

Joe Tex - I've Got To Do A Little Better

The Marcels - Blue Moon

Jerry Butler - For Your Precious Love

The Platters - The Great Pretender

Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman

The Drifters - Under The Boardwalk

Gene Chandler - Daddy's Home

The Fleetwoods - Come Softly To Me

Brook Benton - It's Just A Matter Of Time

The Skyliners - Since I Don't Have You

Ben E. King - Stand By Me

Fontella Bass - Rescue Me

Sam & Dave - Soul Man





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 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Empty
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 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Stax+Collection+05-1

Stax Singles Collection 1972-1975 Part 5

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 01

Eddie Floyd - Yum Yum Yum (I Want Some)

Jean Knight - Carry On

Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing

Frederick Knight - I've Been Lonely For So Long

Annette Thomas - Nothing Is Everlasting

The Soul Children - Hearsay

Albert King - Angel Of Mercy

The Dramatics - In The Rain

Lee Sain - She's My Old Lady Too

The Temprees - Explain It To Her Mama

Sons Of Slum - Right On

Johnnie Taylor - Doing My Own Thing (Part 1)

The Emotions - My Honey And Me

Isaac Hayes - Let's Stay Together (Instrumental)

Hot Sauce - Bring It Home (And Give It To Me)

Black Society - Look Around You

The Nightingales - Don't Do It I'm With You

The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

The Leaders - Which Way

Veda Brown - Living A Life Without Love

Harvey Scales - What's Good For You (Don't Have To be Good To You)

The Mad Lads - Let Me Repair Your Heart

Eric Mercury - What's Usual Seems Natur'l

Major Lance - I Wanna Make Up (Before We Break Up)

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 02

Isaac Hayes & David Porter - Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)

Little Milton - Walking The Back Streets And Crying

William Bell - Save Us

Rufus Thomas - 6-3-8

Mel & Tim - Starting All Over Again

Stefan - Keep On Loving Me

David Porter - I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over

Little Sonny - Goin' Down Slow (Parts 1 & 2)

The Emotions - I Could Never Be Happy

The Soul Children - Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness

Albert King - I'll Play The Blues For You (Part 1)

Roger Hatcher - I Dedicate My Life To You

March Wind - Do The Sweetback

Black Nasty - Gettin' Funky 'Round Here

David Porter - When The Chips Are Down

Carla Thomas - Sugar

Eddie Floyd - You're Good Enough (To Be My Baby)

The Staple Singers - This World

Jean Knight - Helping Man

John KaSandra - Ain't I Good!

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 03

The Bar-Kays - Dance, Dance, Dance (Part 1)

The Temprees - Dedicated To The One I Love

The Dramatics - Toast To The Fool

Johnnie Taylor - Stop Doggin' Me

Frederick Knight - Trouble

Little Milton - I'm Gonna Cry A River

Rufus Thomas - Itch And Scratch (Part 1)

Ernie Hines - What Would I Do

Veda Brown - I Know It's Not Right

Stefan - Holy Cow

Sons Of Slum - What Goes Around (Must Come Around)

Isaac Hayes - Theme From The Men (Instrumental)

Mavis Staples - Endlessly

Inez Foxx - You Hurt Me For The Last Time

John Gary Williams - My Sweet Lord

Albert King - Breaking Up Somebody's Home

Katie Love - How Can You Mistreat The One You Love

The Emotions - From Toys To Boys

Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers - The Dryer (vocal) (Part 1)

Carla Thomas - I May Not Be All You Want (But I'm All You Got)

Major Lance - Ain't No Sweat

Jean Knight - Do Me

Little Milton - Rainy Day

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 04

The Soul Children - It Ain't Always What You Do (It's Who You Le See You Do It)

Mel & Tim - I May Not Be What You Want

Rufus Thomas - Funky Robot (Part 1)

Johnnie Taylor - Don't you Fool With My Soul (Part 1)

The Staple Singers - Oh La De Da

Hot Sauce - What Do You See In Her!

The Temprees - A Thousand Miles Away

The Dramatics - Hey You! Get Off My Moutain

Isaac Hayes - Rolling Down A Mountainside

The Bar-Kays - You're Still My Brother

Jimmy Lewis - Stop Half Loving These Women

William Bell - Lovin' On Borrowed Time

Eddie Floyd - Lay Your Loving On Me

Inez Foxx - The Time

Mel & Tim - Heaven Knows

Johnnie Taylor - I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)

Veda Brown - Short Stopping

The Staple Singers - Be What You Are

Stefan - I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby

Albert King - Playing On Me

David Porter - Long As You're The One Somebody In The World

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 05

Frederick Knight - This Is My Song Of Love To You

The MGs - Sugarcone

The Soul Children - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing

Eddie Floyd - Baby, Lay Your Head Down (Gently On My Bed)

Eddie Floyd - Check Me Out

The Emotions - Runnin' Back (And Forth)

Inez Foxx - Crossing Over The Bridge

The Temprees - Love's Maze

The Bar-Kays - It Ain't Easy

Carla Thomas - Love Among People

Little Milton - What It Is

William Bell - I've Got To Go On Without You

Eric Mercury - Love Is Taking Over

Joe Hicks - Ruby Dean

The Mad Lads - I'm So Glad I Fell In Love With You

The Dramatics - Fell For You

Johnnie Taylor - Cheaper To Keep Her

Rufus Thomas - I KNow You Don't Want Me No More

The Staple Singers - If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)

The Sweet Inspirations - Slipped And Tripped

The Emotions - Peace Be Still

The Soul Children - I'll Be The Other Woman

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 06

The Newcomers - The Martian Hop

Inez Foxx - I Had A Talk With My Woman

The Temprees - At Last

Isaac Hayes - Joy-Part 1

Hot Sauce - Good Woman Turning Bad

John KaSandra - Mose-Part 3

Rufus Thomas - I'll Be Your Santa, Baby

Eddie Floyd - I Wanna Do Things For You

Albert King - That's What The Blues Is All About

Carolyn Hurley - One Way Love Affair

Little Milton - The Pin Alley

Rufus Thomas - The Funky Bird

Johnnie Taylor - We're Getting Careless With Our Love

The Emotions - What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas

Cix Bits - Season's Greetings

Eric Mercury - Don't Lose Faith In Me Lord

Veda Brown - Don't Start Loving Me (If You're Gonna Stop)

The Staple Singers - Touch A Hand, Make A Friend

The Dramatics - And I Panicked

Joy Fleming - Change It All





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 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Empty
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Stax Singles Collection 1972-1975 Part 6

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 07

William Bell - Gettin' What You Want (Losin' What You Got)

Jacqui Verdell - He's Mine

Little Sonny - My Woman Is Good To Me

David Porter - I Got You And I'm Glad

The Emotions - Put A Little Love Away

Frederick Knight - Suzy

Mel & Tim - The Same Folks

The Temprees - You Make The Sunshine

John Gary Williams - The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy

Inez Foxx - Circuit's Overload

Isaac Hayes - Wonderful

Little Milton - Behind Closed Doors

Eddie Floyd - Guess Who

The Sweet Inspirations - Dirty Tricks

Roebuck 'Pops' Staples - Whicha Way Did It Go

Black Nasty - Talking To The People

Johnnie Taylor - I've Been Born Again

The MGs - Neckbone

Sandra Wright - Wounded Woman

Hot Sauce - Stop Doggin' Me

Kim Weston - Goodness Gracious

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 08

The Staple Singers - City In The Sky

Isaac Hayes - Title Theme

Eddie Floyd - Soul Street

Albert King - Flat Tire

The Soul Children - Love Makes It Right

The Temprees - Mr. Cool That Ain't Cool

Rufus Thomas - Boogie Ain't Nuttin' (But Gettin' Down)(Part 1)

The Dramatics - Highway To Heaven

William Bell - Get It While It's Hot

Frederick Knight - Passing Thru

The Newcomers - Keep An Eye On Your Close Friends

The Staple Singers - My Main Man There Is A God

Mel and Tim - That's The Way I Want To Live My Life

Mel and Tim - Forever And A Day

The Emotions - Baby, I'm Through

Johnnie Taylor - It's September

Shirley Brown - Woman To Woman

Randt Brown and Company - Did You Hear Yourself (Part 1)

Annette Thomas - You Need A Friend Like Mine

The Temprees - I Love, I Love

Little Milton - Let Me Back In

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 09

Albert King - Crosscut Saw

The Bar-Kays - Coldblooded

Sir Mack Rice - Bump Meat

The Newcomers - (Too Little In Common To Be Lovers) Too Much Going To Say Goodbye

The Wrecking Crew - Bump And Boogie (Part 1)

The Soul Children - What's Happening Baby (Part 1)

The Staple Singers - Who Made The Man

Brook Benton - I Keep Thinking To Myself

Eddie Floyd - I Got A Reason To Smile (Cause I Got You)

Bessie Banks - Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can't Do It)

Willie Singleton - Burning On Both Ends

The Emotions - There Are More Questions Than Answers

Albert King - Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'

Hot Sauce - I Can't Let You Go

Frederick Knight - I Betcha Didn't Know That

Sandra Wright - Lovin' You, Lovin' Me

Rufus Thomas - Do The Double Bump

The Tremprees - Come and Get Your Love

Sir Mack Rice - Dark Skin Woman (Part 1)

Shirley Brown - It Ain't No Fun

Eddie Floyd - Talk To The Man

Little Milton - If You Talk In Your Sleep

Stax Vol. 3 (Singles 1972-1975) - CD 10

Barbara and Joe - You're Astounding

The Green Brothers - Dy-No-Mite (Did You Say My Love)

The Dynamic - Soul Machine Boom-A-Rang

John Gary Williams - Come What May

Johnnie Taylor - Try Me Tonight

Freddie Waters - Groovin' On My Baby's Love

The Fiestas - I Can't Shake Your Love

Frederick Knight - I Wanna Play With You

Albert King - I'm Doing Fine

Teresa Davis - No Way (I Can Live Without You)

The Staple Singers - Back Road Into Town

Eddie Floyd - I'm So Glad I Met You

Little Milton - Packed Up And Took My Mind

Johnnie Taylor - Just Keep On Loving Me

R. B. Hudmon - How Can I Be A Witness

Rufus Thomas - Jump Back '75 (Part 1)

The Staple Singers - I Got To Be Myself

Shirley Brown - It's Worth a Whippin'

The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost (Part 1)

Soul Kitchen

Sam & Dave - Soul Man

Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music

The Bar-Kays - Soul Finger

The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

King Curtis & The Kingpins - Memphis Soul Stew

Isley Brothers - That Lady

Lyn Collins - Think (About It)

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Don't Leave Me This Way

Archie Bell & The Drells - Tighten Up

Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff

The Drifters - Under The Boardwalk

Betty Wright - Tonight Is The Night

Gladys Knight & The Pips - Midnight Train To Georgia

The Stylistics - Let's Put It All Together

The Spinners - Could It Be I'm Falling In Love

Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine

Bill Withers - Lean On Me

Percy Sledge - You Send Me

Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood

Aretha Franklin - Think

Swinging Soul Hits

Otis Redding - Shake

Aretha Franklin - Think

Wilson Pickett - If You Need Me

Jackie Wilson - Higher & Higher

Otis Redding - Satisfaction

King Curtis - Soul Twist

Fontella Bass - Rescue Me

Eddie Floyd - Kock On Wood

Gladys Knight & The Pips - Letter Full Of Tears

Wilson Pickett - It's To Late

Ike & Tina Turner - It's Gonna Work Out Fine

Aretha Franklin - Respect

Solomon Burke - Hold On I'm Coming

Otis Redding - Can't Turn You Loose

That's Soul

Herbie Mann - Hi-Jack

Sister Sledge - Mama Never Told Me

Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait

Black Heat - Questions & Conclusions

Ace Spectrum - I Just Want To Spend The Night With You

Eddie Harris - I Need Some Money

Ben E. King - Supernatural Thing (Part 1)

The Jimmy Castor Bunch - The Bertha Butt Boogie

Gene Page - Satin Soul

Blue Magic - Sideshow

Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces

Aretha Franklin - Without Love

Spinners - Mighty Love (Part 1)

Consumer Rapport - Ease On Down The Road





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 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Empty
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Díky super !!!
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 Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968  Empty
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Stax Singles Collection 1959-1968
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