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 VA - Lost Jukebox Volumes 131 - 135 - 60s/70s Pop Compilation (2011)

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VA - Lost Jukebox Volumes 131 - 135 - 60s/70s Pop Compilation (2011) Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: VA - Lost Jukebox Volumes 131 - 135 - 60s/70s Pop Compilation (2011)   VA - Lost Jukebox Volumes 131 - 135 - 60s/70s Pop Compilation (2011) Icon_minitime7/10/2011, 18:37

VA - Lost Jukebox Volumes 131 - 135 - 60s/70s Pop Compilation (2011) E1e7f58b4317843f54ea6d66d7c6fe19
VA - Lost Jukebox Volumes 131 - 135 - 60s/70s Pop Compilation (2011)
Genre: Pop | 5 Volume | Release: 2011 | MP3 320 kbps | Size: 747.56 MB

to describe this? A huge set of sixties and early seventies 7 inch
singles, lovingly compiled onto CDs, all of it rare as hen's teeth.
Sunshine, bubblegum, garage, you name it.


Volume 131
01-hands of a fool - terry philips (1961).mp3
02-mr muscles - carol ventura (1962).mp3
03-land of dreams - jerry cole (1963).mp3
04-bring it on home to me - millie small (1964).mp3
05-i can save you - just us (1965).mp3
06-relief - the del satins (1965).mp3
07-what a mouth - o'hegarty (1965).mp3
08-action, action, action - keith allison (1966).mp3
09-who do you think you're fooling - captain beefheart and his magic band (1966).mp3
10-east side story - bob seger & the last heard (1966).mp3
11-stop! - bobby diamond (1966).mp3
12-hush hush - bill cosby (1967).mp3
13-along came love - the mac truque (1967).mp3
14-there is nothing i can do about it - mike & the censations (1967).mp3
15-tears tell - bobby russell (1967).mp3
16-the you i need - tommy roe (1967).mp3
17-just you wait - walter scott (1967).mp3
18-a tribute to the four seasons - society's children (1968).mp3
19-kisses sweeter than wine - the scarecrow (1968).mp3
20-i've been a long time loving you - the newbeats (1968).mp3
21-how you can tell me - the flirtations (1968).mp3
22-every little bit hurts - bobby rydell (1968).mp3
23-well i know too well - the road show (1969).mp3
24-noah - the great love trip (1969).mp3
25-sunshine - hedge & donna capers (1969).mp3
26-sunday children, sunday morning - the next of kin (1969).mp3
27-a little bit of god (can you hear me now) - tuane and rose mary (1971).mp3
28-i've still got my heart, joe - shirley jones (1971).mp3
29-mystery lady - the bats (1972).mp3

Volume 132
01-theme for elaina - the burbank strings (1964).mp3
02-patsy girl - ross mcmanus (1964).mp3
03-barbara - dale mcbride (1964).mp3
04-brenda - eddie holland (1964).mp3
05-kick the little fool sally ann - round robin (1964).mp3
06-song of lita - lou christie (1966).mp3
07-angela jones - sam riddle (1966).mp3
08-angie - canterbury tayles (1966).mp3
09-gabrielle - the coachmen (!967).mp3
10-suzanne - chad mitchell (!967).mp3
11-who's afraid of virginia woolf - pieces of eight the original swingin' medallions (1967).mp3
12-rose peddles everywhere she goes - the virginia wolves (1967).mp3
13-capricious lolita - tormentos (1967).mp3
14-hoy gyp - the truth (1967).mp3
15-maisy - the magpies (1967).mp3
16-virginia day's ragtime memories - collage (1968).mp3
17-the bonnie and clyde - the new vaudeville band (1968).mp3
18-krista - today's special (1968).mp3
19-miss anne (ain't that kind of man) - the zebra (1968).mp3
20-mary on the runaround - sweet thursday (1968).mp3
21-liza jane - fountain of youth (1969).mp3
22-mary, what have you become - free ferry (1969).mp3
23-shirley, shirley - tr-5 (1969).mp3
24-smokey - brother john (1970).mp3
25-punkin' - the april fools (1970).mp3
26-mademoiselle ninette - the soulful dynamics (1970).mp3
27-lorrayne - brian hyland (1971).mp3
28-ruebella jane - mike reid (1972).mp3
29-toni's tune - toni wine (1967).mp3

Volume 133
01-the fun we had - the ragamuffins (1964).mp3
02-the path that leads to trouble - the new salvation singers (1965).mp3
03-i love you more - the law firm (1965).mp3
04-sunnyside up - teddy and the pandas (1965).mp3
05-who killed the ice cream man - the bush (1965).mp3
06-she believes in me - the fugitives (1966).mp3
07-pucci girl - the new order (1966).mp3
08-like a summer rain - 2nd mix (1966).mp3
09-baby, baby it's you - the group (1966).mp3
10-everything to me the challengers (1967).mp3
11-the new age - jameson (1967).mp3
12-love-in - the morning glories (1967).mp3
13-tinkle talk - the sixpentz (1967).mp3
14-my mind goes high - the poor (1967).mp3
15-lonely stranger - the looking glass (1967).mp3
16-she's so far out she's in - the power plant (1967).mp3
17-a thousand faces - the thousand faces (1968).mp3
18-i've been trying - john eric and the isosceles popsicles (1968).mp3
19-saturday night - jake holmes (1968).mp3
20-bluebird - henry gibson (1968).mp3
21-a blanket of sound - the banned (1968).mp3
22-5 30 plane - picardy (1968).mp3
23-got to have a song by monday - wednesday's children (1969).mp3
24-life is what you make it - natural birth (1969).mp3
25-my kind of morning - the game (1970).mp3
26-she opened up like a rosebud - horizon (1970).mp3
27-sing out the love (in my heart) - arkade (1970).mp3
28-i'd rather stay a child - richie's room (1971).mp3
29-what am i gonna do - the guild (1972).mp3
30-a smile song - cross country (1973).mp3

Volume 134
01-up-up and away - the sounds of jack downes (1967).mp3
02-come on and dance with me - billy abbott and the jewels (1963).mp3
03-two kinds of girls - brian hyland (1964).mp3
04-9th st est - sam riddle tv theme (1964).mp3
05-all night long - the opposite six (1965).mp3
06-the throwaway song - the del satins (1965).mp3
07-ain't it hard - gypsy trips (1965).mp3
08-gotta get movin' - the forsaken (1966).mp3
09-yokohama nights (sadness) - the yokohama ramblers (1966).mp3
10-i'm me - the paris sisters (1966).mp3
11-clock - hayes and wadey (1966).mp3
12-mellow mellow - senator bobby & senator mckinley (1967).mp3
13-i've got to hold on - we talkies (1967).mp3
14-bluebird - bobby russell (1967).mp3
15-bad news - the fastest group alive (1967).mp3
16-greensleeves - gordon (1967).mp3
17-and i don't want your love - the keepers of the light (1967).mp3
18-savannah sun - jonah and the whale (1968).mp3
19-i should be getting better - the lovin' couple (1968).mp3
20-inside, outside, upside down - sonny childe (1968).mp3
21-when it's all over - hines, hines & dad (1968).mp3
22-goodbye sunny days - sea (1969).mp3
23-if you ain't got it, forget it - the road show (1969).mp3
24-gotta have love - paul barisco & the milestones (1969).mp3
25-don't worry baby - love society (1969).mp3
26-balled of old joe blind - meic stevens (1970).mp3
27-you're losing me - nino tempo & april stevens (1971).mp3
28-sunshine lover (stereo edited version) - daniel boone (1973).mp3
29-apollo 9 - the space walkers (1969).mp3

Volume 135
01-thief of love - lacey jones (1963).mp3
02-my special angel - the classmen (1963).mp3
03-i'm the greatest - ross mcmanus and the joe loss blue beats (1964).mp3
04-the towers of notre dame - the new generation singers (1965).mp3
05-something here inside - the trolls (1966).mp3
06-summer memories - canterbury tayles (1966).mp3
07-crystal romance - ray chafin (1966).mp3
08-rumors - joey ross (1967).mp3
09-silly girl - walter scott (1967).mp3
10-i don't need to tell you - two and a half (1967).mp3
11-insanity comes quietly to the structured mind - janis ian (1967).mp3
12-mississippi woman - the contrasts (1968).mp3
13-stop and say you're sorry - today's special (1968).mp3
14-give to me your love - the new phoenix (1968).mp3
15-anniversary song - the new vaudeville band (1968).mp3
16-golden child - society's children (1968).mp3
17-the time is now - smokey & his sister (1969).mp3
18-wendegahl the warlock - the rugbys (1969).mp3
19-baby, i'll get it - chuck jackson (1969).mp3
20-what's behind those eyes - mind garage (1969).mp3
21-monkey - the soulful dynamics (1970).mp3
22-don't blame the young folks (for the drug society) - love, peace & happiness (1970).mp3
23-lonely teardrops - brian hyland (1971).mp3
24-he ain't heavy, he's my brother - duane and rose mary (1971).mp3
25-everybody's reachin' out for someone - shirley jones (1971).mp3
26-in the jungle - messengers (1971).mp3
27-you can't kill rock and roll - OCS (1972).mp3
28-the ballad of ben gay - ben gay and the silly savages (1973).mp3






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VA - Lost Jukebox Volumes 131 - 135 - 60s/70s Pop Compilation (2011)
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