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 Various Artists - Muzzic Postcard: The History Collection Series (MP3)

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Various Artists - Muzzic Postcard: The History Collection Series (MP3) Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Various Artists - Muzzic Postcard: The History Collection Series (MP3)   Various Artists - Muzzic Postcard: The History Collection Series (MP3) Icon_minitime4/4/2012, 19:37

Various Artists - Muzzic Postcard: The History Collection Series (MP3) 865a00a7f2aad8cf4928b94c3a492a3a
Various Artists - Muzzic Postcard: The History Collection Series (MP3) - 2003
MP3 VBR-320 Kbps CBR | Jazz, Easy Listening, Blues | 1.33 GB
1920-1925 Greatest Hits (VBRkbps)
01-Duke Ellington - Choo Choo (Gotta Hurry Home)
02-Duke Ellington - Rainy Nights
03-Duke Ellington - I'm Gonna Hang Around My Sugar
04-Duke Ellington - Trombone Blues
05-Louis Armstrong - Papa, Mama's All Alone Blues
06-Louis Armstrong - Changeable Daddy Of Mine
07-Paul Whiteman - Whispering
08-Paul Whiteman - Charleston
09-Bessie Smith - Lady Luck Blues
10-Bessie Smith - Outside Of That
11-Bessie Smith - Keeps On A-Rainin'
12-Bessie Smith - Down Hearted Blues
13-Bessie Smith - Oh Daddy Blues
14-Louis Armstrong - Terrible Blues
15-Louis Armstrong - Santa Claus Blues
16-Louis Armstrong - Baby, I Can't Use You No More
17-Louis Armstrong - Trouble Everywhere I Roam
18-Louis Armstrong - Mandy, Make Up Your Mind (Master Take)
19-Bessie Smith - Midnight Blues
20-Bessie Smith - Baby Won't You Please Come Home
21-Bessie Smith - Aggravatin' Papa
22-Bessie Smith - If You Don't, I Know Who Will
23-Bessie Smith - Jail House Blues
24-Besssie Smith - Sam Jones Blues
25-Al Jolson - April Showers
26-Al Jolson - Toot, Toot, Tootsie
27-Al Jolson - California Here I Come
28-Louis Armstrong - My Heart
29-Louis Armstrong - (Yes) I'm In The Barrel
30-Louis Armstrong - Gut Bucket Blues
31-Bessie Smith - Mama's Got The Blues
32-Bessie Smith - Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
33-Bessie Smith - Gulf Coast Blues
34-Bessie Smith - Beale Street Mama
35-Bessie Smith - Frosty Morning Blues

1924-1925 Duke Ellington (160 kbps)
01-Choo Choo (Gotta Hurry Home)
02-Rainy Nights
03-I'm Gonna Hang Around My Sugar
04-Trombone Blues

1924-1925 Louis Armstrong (192 kbps)
01-Papa, Mama's All Alone Blues
02-Changeable Daddy Of Mine
03-Terrible Blues
04-Santa Claus Blues
05-Baby, I Can't Use You No More
06-Trouble Everywhere I Roam
07-Mandy, Make Up Your Mind (Master Take)
08-Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
09-Poor House Blues
10-Anybody Here Want To Try My Cabbage
11-Thunderstrom Blues
12-If I Lose, Let Me Lose (Mamma Don't Mind)
13-Screamin' The Blues
14-Good Time Flat Blues
15-Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
16-I'm A Little Blackbird (Looking For A Bluebird)
17-Nobody Knows The Way I Feel Dis Mornin'
18-Early Every Morn
19-Cake Walking Babies (From Home)
20-Nobody Knows The Way I Feel Dis Mornin'
21-Broken Busted Blues
22-Cake Walking Babie From Home
23-Pickin' On Your Baby
24-My Heart
25-(Yes) I'm In The Barrel
26-Gut Bucket Blues

1923-1924 Bessie Smith - Lady Luck Blues Part 1(160 kbps)
01-Lady Luck Blues
02-Outside Of That
03-Keeps On A-Rainin'
04-Down Hearted Blues
05-Oh Daddy Blues
06-Midnight Blues
07-Baby Won't You Please Come Home
08-Aggravatin' Papa
09-If You Don't, I Know Who Will
10-Jail House Blues
11-Sam Jones Blues
12-Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine
13-Yodling Blues
14-Bleeding Hearted Blues
15-Mama's Got The Blues
16-Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
17-Gulf Coast Blues
18-Beale Street Mama
19-Frosty Morning Blues

1923-1925 Bessie Smith - Lady Luck Blues Part 2(160 kbps)
01-Easy Come, Easy Go Blues
02-Frosty Morning Blues
03-Chicago Bound Blues
04-My Sweet Went Away
05-Sorrowful Blues
06-Rockin' Chair Blues
07-Hateful Blues
08-Pinchbacks - Take Em Away
09-Eavesdropper's Blues
10-Haunted House Blues
11-Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time
12-Cemetery Blues
13-Graveyard Dream Blues
14-Far Away Blues
15-Im Going Back To My Used To Be
16-Mistreating Daddy
17-Any Womans Blues
18-Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Down
19-Boweavil Blues
20-Nashville Woman's Blues

1926-1930-Greatest Hits (VBRkbps)
01-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Zigeuner, You Have Stolen My Heart
02-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - For Your Rio-Rita
03-Fred Astaire - Puttin' On The Ritz
04-Mistinguett - Je Suis Nee Dans Le Faubourg
05-The Comedy Harmonists - Liebling, Mein Herz
06-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Soloadito Espanol
07-Marek Wedber & His Orchestra - Das Model Hat Sex-Appearl
08-Bing Crosby - A Bench In The Park
09-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - One Step To Heaven
10-Louis Armstrong - Muskrat Ramble
11-Benny Carter - Gee Ain't Good To You 1929
12-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Japanese Latern Dance
13-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Chenese Street Serenade
14-Bing Crosby - Happy Feet
15-Marlene Dietrich - Ich Bin Von Kopf Biss Fuss Auf Liebe
16-Mistinguett - On M Suit
17-The Comedy Harmonists - Puppenhochziet
18-Georges Milton - C'Est Pour Mon Papa
19-Bing Crosby - So The Bluebirds And The Blackburds Got Together
20-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Russische Liebeslieder
21-Paul Whiteman - Come Back Chiquita
22-Fred Astaire - Crazy Feet
23-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Vaya Veronicas
24-Bing Crosby - The Raggamuffin Romeo
25-Paul Whiteman - Marsh Of The Musketers
26-Josephine Baker - La Petite Tonkinoise
27-Fred Gouin - Le Chanson Des Bles D'Or
28-The Comedy Harmonists - Ich Traum Von Eine Marchennacht
29-Lilian Harvey & Willi Fritsch - Liebling Mein Herz Lasst Dich Grussen
30-Marlene Dietrich - Wenn Ich Mir Was Wunschen Durfte
31-Duke Ellington - Cotton Club Stomp
32-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Skadatin-De
33-Marek Weber & HIs orchestra - Crazy Words-Crazy Tune
34-Louis Armstrong - Squeeze Me
35-The Comedy Harmonists - Wochenend Und Sonnenschied
36-Duke Ellington - Lazy Duke
37-Marek Weber & His Orchesrta - Bella Rosa
38-Louis Armstrong - Lonesome Blues
39-Louis Armstrong - Sweet Little Papa
40-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Weisst Du, Was Du Kannst
41-Duke Ellington - Sweet Mama
42-Marlene Dietrich - Kinder, Huete Abend, Da Such Ich Mir Was Aus
43-Paul Whiteman - Broadway
44-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Mein Papagei Frisst Keine Harten Eier
45-Louis Armstong - Melancholy
46-Louis Armstrong - Weary Blues
47-Louis Armstrong - Twelfth Street Rag
48-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Calling
49-Duke Ellington - I Was Made To Love You
50-Marlene Dietrich - Ich Bin Die Fesche Lola
51-Duke Ellington - Jungle Blues
52-Duke Ellington - Admiration
53-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Nachtelang Hab Ich Getraumnt
54-Duke Ellington - Jazz Convulsions
55-Duke Ellington - Mississipi
56-Duke Ellington - The Duke Steps Out
57-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Denk Bloss Mal An, Mutti
58-Duke Ellington - When You're Smiling
59-Duke Ellington - Rent Party Blues
60-Marlene Dietrich - Nimm Dich In Acht Vor Blonden Frauen
61-Paul Whiteman - Three O'Clock In The Morning
62-Duke Ellington - Wallstreet Wail
63-Marek Weber & His Orchestra - Was Ist Los
64-Louis Armstrong - Chicago Breakdown
65-Louis Armstrong - Symphonic Raps
66-Louis Armstrong - Savoyagers' Stomp
67-Marlene Dietrich - Falling In Love Again
68-Louis Armstrong - Alligator Crawl
69-Paul Whiteman - Manhattan Mary
70-Louis Armstrong - Potato Head Blues

1926-1927-Louis Armstrong - The Hot Fives And Hot Sevens (192 kbps)
01-Lonesome Blues
02-Sweet Little Papa
03-Jazz Lips
05-Big Butter And Egg Man
06-Sunset Cafe Stomp
07-You Make Me Love You
08-Irish Black Bottom
09-Willie The Weeper
10-Wild Man Blues
11-Alligator Crawl
12-Potato Head Blues
14-Weary Blues
15-Twelfth Street Rag
16-Keyhole Blues

1927-1928-Louis Armstrong And Earl Hines (192 kbps)
01-Chicago Breakdown
02-Symphonic Raps
03-Savoyagers' Stomp
04-West End Blues
05-Sugar Foot Strut
06-Two Deuces
07-Squeeze Me
08-Knee Drops
09-No (Papa, No)
10-Basin Street Blues
11-No One Else But You
12-Beau Koo Jack
13-Save It, Pretty Mama
14-Weather Bird (Rag)
16-Here Me Talkin' To Ya
17-St. James' Infirmary
18-Tight Like This

1929-1930-Duke Ellington - The Duke Steps Out (Part 1) (160 kbps)
01-Jazz Convulsions
03-The Duke Steps Out
04-Haunted Nights
05-Swanee Shuffles
06-Six Or Seven Times
07-Goin' Nuts
08-Oklahoma Stomp
09-Breakfast Dance
10-Jazz Lips
11-March Of The Hoodlums
12-Lazy Duke
13-Blues Of The Vagabond
14-Syncopated Shuffle
15-Sweet Mama
16-Wallstreet Wail
17-Cincinatti Daddy
18-St James Infirmary
19-When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)
20-Rent Party Blues

1929-1930-Duke Ellington - The Duke Steps Out (Part 2) (160 kbps)
01-Jungle Blues
03-Maori (A Samoan Dance)
04-When You're Smiling
05-Sing, You Sinners
06-St James Infirmary
07-The Mooche
08-Ragamuffin Romeo
09-East St Louis Toodle-Oo
10-Double Check Stomp
11-My Gal Is Good For Nothing But Love
12-I Was Made To Love You
13-Double Check Stomp
14-Accordion Joe
15-Cotton Club Stomp
16-Sweet Dreams Of Love
17-Jungle Nights In Harlem
18-Sweet Jazz O'Mine
19-Shout'Em, Aunt Tillie
20-Sweet Mama

1929-1930-Marek Weber & His Orchestra (VBR kbps)
01-Zigeuner, You Have Stolen My Heart
02-For Your Rio-Rita
03-Soloadito Espanol
04-Das Model Hat Sex-Appearl
05-One Step To Heaven
06-Japanese Latern Dance
07-Chinese Street Serenade
08-Russische Liebeslieder
09-Vaya Veronicas
11-Crazy Words - Crazy Tune
12-Bella Rossa
13-Weisst Du, Was Du Kannst
14-Mein Papagei Frisst Keine Harten Eir
16-Nachtelang Hab Ich Getraumnt
17-Denk Bloss Mal An, Mutti
18-Was Ist Los

1945-Greatest Hits (192 kbps)
001 Anita O'Day - I Can't Belive That You're In Love With Me.mp3
002 Benny Goodman - Fascinating Rhythm.mp3
003 Benny Goodman - Lucky (You're Right, I'm Wrong).mp3
004 Benny Goodman - Rattle And Roll.mp3
005 Benny Goodman - Swing Angel.mp3
006 Betty Hutton - Doctor Lawyer Indian Chief.mp3
007 Big Joe Turner - Blues In The Night.mp3
008 Big Joe Turner - Cry Baby Blues.mp3
009 Big Joe Turner - Little Bittie Gal's Blues.mp3
010 Big Joe Turner - Rebecca.mp3
011 Bill Monroe - Blue Moon Of Kentucky.mp3
012 Bill Monroe - Heavy Traffic Ahead.mp3
013 Bill Monroe - Toy Heart.mp3
014 Billie Holiday - Body And Soul.mp3
015 Billie Holiday - Everything I Have Is Yours.mp3
016 Billie Holiday - How Deep Is The Ocean.mp3
017 Billie Holiday - Love for Sale.mp3
018 Billie Holiday - Lover, Come Back To Me.mp3
019 Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit.mp3
020 Brownie McGhee - Daisy.mp3
021 Brownie McGhee - Rising Sun.mp3
022 Charlie Parker - All The Things You Are.mp3
023 Charlie Parker - Groovin' High.mp3
024 Coleman Hawkins - It's The Talk Of The Town.mp3
025 Deboy Somers Band - Celebration Medley.mp3
026 Dorothy Squires - Memories Of You.mp3
027 Dottie Reid & Benny Goodman - It's Only A Paper Moon.mp3
028 Duke Ellington - Blue Cellophane.mp3
029 Duke Ellington - Caravan.mp3
030 Duke Ellington - Carnegie Blues.mp3
031 Duke Ellington - Mood To Be Wooed.mp3
032 Ella Mae Morse - Captain Kidd.mp3
033 Frank Sinatra - Day By Day.mp3
034 Frank Sinatra - Nancy.mp3
035 Hank Snow - Blue Ranger.mp3
036 Hank Snow - Brand On My Heart.mp3
037 Hank Snow - Just A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouguest.mp3
038 Hank Snow - Linda Lou.mp3
039 Hank Snow - My Mother.mp3
040 Hank Snow - On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You.mp3
041 Harry Roy And His Band - Let's Wait Until Tomorrow.mp3
042 Jack Guthrie - I'm Brandin' My Darlin' With My Heart.mp3
043 Jack Guthrie - Oklahoma Hills.mp3
044 Jane Harvey & Benny Goodman - Close As Pages In A Book.mp3
045 Jane Harvey & Benny Goodman - Gotta Be This Or That.mp3
046 Jo Stafford - There's No You.mp3
047 Joe Loss Orchestra - There I've Said It Again.mp3
048 Judy Garland - In The Valley.mp3
049 June Christy - It's Been A Long Time.mp3
050 Liza Morrow & Benny Goodman - A Gal In Calico.mp3
051 Margaret Whiting - It Might As Well Be Spring.mp3
052 Nat King Cole Trio - You're Nobody Till Somebody LoE9D9.mp3
053 Noel Coward - I Wonder What Happened To Him.mp3
054 Paul Whiteman - Wang Wang Blues.mp3
055 Paula Green Orchestra - I'm Gonna Love That Guy.mp3
056 Peggy Lee - I Don't Know Enough About You.mp3
057 Peggy Mann & Benny Goodman - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye.mp3
058 Roberto Inglez Orchestra - Laura.mp3
059 Roosevelt Sykes - I Know How You Feel.mp3
060 Roosevelt Sykes - Until The Cows Come Home.mp3
061 Tex Ritter - Jealous Heart.mp3
062 Tex Ritter - There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder.mp3
063 Tex Ritter - You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often.mp3
064 Westley Tuttle - With Tears In My Eyes.mp3

1945-Anita O'Day (192 kbps)
001 (Did You Ever Get) That Feeling In The Moonlight.mp3
002 Ain`t Misbehavin`.mp3
003 Boogie Blues.mp3
004 Chickery Chick.mp3
005 Harriet.mp3
006 How Come.mp3
007 I Can't Give You Anything But Love.mp3
008 In The Middle Of May.mp3
009 Lonesome Road.mp3
010 Memories Of You.mp3
011 Opus No 1.mp3
012 Penthouse Serenade.mp3
013 Rosetta.mp3
014 Tea For Two.mp3
015 Them There Eyes.mp3

1945-Doris Day (192 kbps)
001 'Taint Me.mp3
002 A Red Kiss On A Blue Letter.mp3
003 Aren't You Glad You're You.mp3
004 Come To Baby, Do.mp3
005 He'll Have To Gross The Atlantic (To Get To The Pacific).mp3
006 He's Home Fora Little While.mp3
007 I'd Rather Be With You.mp3
008 I'll Always Be With You.mp3
009 My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time.mp3
010 Sentimental Journey.mp3
011 The Last Time I Saw You.mp3
012 Till The End Of Time.mp3
013 We'll Be Together Again.mp3
014 You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart).mp3

1945-Frank Sinatra (192 kbps)
001 You Go To My Head.mp3
002 Silent Night Holy Night.mp3
003 Someone To Watch Over Me.mp3
004 The House I Live In.mp3
005 The Moon Was Yellow.mp3
006 These Foolish Things.mp3
007 You Are Too Beautiful.mp3

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Various Artists - Muzzic Postcard: The History Collection Series (MP3)
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