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PříspěvekPředmět: Girlschool   Girlschool Icon_minitime13/3/2015, 14:14

are a British heavy metal band originating out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene in 1978 and frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead. They are the longest running all-female rock band, still active after more than 35 years. Formed from a school band called Painted Lady, Girlschool enjoyed strong media exposure and commercial success in the UK in the early 1980s with three albums of 'punk-tinged metal' and a few singles, but rapidly lost their momentum in the following years.
Years active: 1978 – present.
Members: Kim McAuliffe (guitar, vocals), Enid Williams (bass), Denise Dufort (drums), Jackie Chambers (guitar).
Past members: Kelly Johnson † (guitar, vocals), Gil Weston (bass, vocals), Cris Bonacci (guitar), Jackie Bodimead (keys, vocals), Tracey Lamb (bass), Jackie Carrera (bass).
In this video are  Kim McAuliffe (London, 28 April 1960), Denise Dufort (London, 18 October 1958), Cris Bonacci (Melbourne, 15 October 1964), Tracey Lamb.

I love you Girlschool - Fox on the Run (1988) [NTSC, PCM]

File Name: Girlschool - Fox on the Run (1988).V0B
File Size: 272.8 MB / 286 048 256 bytes
Duration: 00:03:58
Resolution and Framerate: 720x480, 7 669 Kbps, NTSC
Format: MPEG-PS
Audio: PCM (PCM), 1 536 Kbps (CBR), 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

Girlschool 2b25d3fa8423
Girlschool 658f78c5754d
Girlschool E2e8bec7e900
Girlschool 5d21a988c043
Girlschool 124eb1b1e910
Girlschool 2ddfe34aa2d9
Girlschool C5ea782f8b93
Girlschool 2aeb6260bb20
Girlschool 29a3d52a6bc1
Girlschool 9a76fc2426aa
Girlschool C76d3f41731f
Girlschool 1d07a386c13c
Girlschool D908b4b9539b
Girlschool A668f70cafce
Girlschool Fd0ce4b54301
Girlschool 2ef2f4b16798
Girlschool A6a36150779f
Girlschool C7413f8fe5e6
Girlschool 858c0f23e2d1
Girlschool 96b184cf2a1d
Girlschool 89b3a63c5e0c
Girlschool 7e68a5454e1a
Girlschool Fb7b6b84b6a0
Girlschool 18108de56ebb
Girlschool 2f227c8ea4ff
Girlschool 4fb70094a069
Girlschool 79d00197fe41
Girlschool 599823c154e3
Girlschool 131947b89db7
Girlschool F52c5f98a4c5
Girlschool 32361f70a13d
Girlschool 685f02ff4dfb
Girlschool 57fb74f08bcf
Girlschool 476cf21c11ad
Girlschool Af150940b6a5
Girlschool E98ea5b7b2f0
Girlschool E63e3220148d
Girlschool 2917d6fe96f5
Girlschool F35764751e24
Girlschool Efc80328bac1
Girlschool 4f175e6394a3
Girlschool Ab660c61e25d
Girlschool A4e23ba9f25a
Girlschool 4ddea5fce9f2
Girlschool 633dbc8f2758

pass: Girlschool-FoxR1-byVit
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Příspěvky : 121
Registrace : 20. 12. 10

Girlschool Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Re: Girlschool   Girlschool Icon_minitime5/4/2016, 20:09

Girlschool - Race with the Devil (1980) [NTSC, PCM]

File Name: Girlschool - Race with the Devil (1980) RA.VOB
File Size: 198.15 MB / 207 775 744 bytes
Duration: 00:02:55
Resolution and Framerate: 720x480, 7 574 Kbps, NTSC
Format: MPEG-PS
Audio: PCM (PCM), 1 536 Kbps (CBR), 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

Girlschool Fb9cec5c571b
Girlschool F83b725b79d1
Girlschool 24200063cf04
Girlschool 855811b37750
Girlschool D56dd8ccdeb3
Girlschool D0927f15729f
Girlschool E6a5d590d33c
Girlschool B07f3b2a3f9e
Girlschool Bd15596a8841
Girlschool Ce96652a56de
Girlschool 40e6094754f5
Girlschool 1b2490775014
Girlschool 7883f4bd2600
Girlschool 1849f2e83354
Girlschool 39ec6f76eb6d
Girlschool Ae35a541c497
Girlschool 3f8644eefde8
Girlschool 1d70e2bdd01e
Girlschool 9e36b31d9251
Girlschool 64c64b3efd86
Girlschool Fb1775cb8e5b
Girlschool 358fd0afff89
Girlschool 3794a7dd1490
Girlschool Ea370e9fe772

pass: GirlschoolRaceWiTHeDevil-byVit
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