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Exposé is an American vocal group. Primarily consisting of lead vocalists Ann Curless (born October 7, 1963), Jeanette Jurado (born November 14, 1966), and Gioia Bruno (born June 11, 1963), the group achieved much of their success between 1987 and 1993, becoming the first group to have four top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart from their debut album, including their 1988 #1 hit "Seasons Change".

Expose - I Wish The Phone Would Ring (1992) [NTSC, PCM]

File Name: Expose - I Wish The Phone Would Ring (1992).VOB
File Size: 266.58 MB / 279 531 520 bytes
Duration: 00:03:51
Resolution and Framerate: 720x480, 7 758 Kbps, NTSC
Format: MPEG-PS
Audio: PCM (PCM), 1 536 Kbps (CBR), 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

Expose 759d2f9cdae8efa4d31904414873d04d
Expose Fa8b3e559949ed5fc272a2f167e4c0ce
Expose 355685b4464079a937db6e71c8e7947b
Expose 86023c31ea6d9a541c01bc0679b8eb2d
Expose 253c8dc5aac0df96998295aa8825f806
Expose 0c2593d04b7f39e979a1728e0fcc9813
Expose 45a02ea56dc8c5570b56108b2bd5d56d
Expose 8de62a908a13ba56af4556fe98b7ed10
Expose 799879c82382ac6d1d6e808c97fc9397
Expose 79b498e563cd2551ce380f910e25e7b6
Expose Fe6e6ba2cbf16c4e48e5a06adbf9fb1b
Expose Bdc12aa0cd96eeebbb140cec72b5e373
Expose 6db8623e5e75cbd108ff4221b3c119a5
Expose F5c3772eaffe2b9d914d882f09a1b0e3
Expose 440258547a1612cff692af57858e1332
Expose D5e991259d1c3daad63c3592ab469b1b
Expose Cc8335326c2756cdee380bb9c734cfc9
Expose 1668e9dc8bd69d35c442a8be4f38892c
Expose 098d32eb9e727aa4b96957890122dfbd
Expose 992cc7c1e59831ce4b922fdb5dc64c3a
Expose 4304defab77aae8e08e7d0b3ca141cc6
Expose 66e21f8e194b84767509dc2336d81159
Expose 44737506b2eb53171f77b2359f2ae071
Expose 63952b3120857ce42f64426a42b75e5d
Expose 6ab876b3b2aeb0374b4ffc3a73ae7a68
Expose 33a1ca886b82a3058f229ac43b72021f
Expose E4e58e7076cc1a103a96427632858723
Expose 4a2b6396f561ce283095ea18ccdc5bcf
Expose D35ca65c7bd9be00a985a71aae97c196
Expose 1829f8d92a55446e986656e48cb18e71
Expose 94fcbc96ff33792a9d878c3d85acf21c
Expose Ac61dad0135144f820b4a6923d93e8a9
Expose A07a543cd236a30dfd7b0cf85f684c4e
Expose 9413ec94b710275eba8f3b02f4c215b2
Expose 8a30f3d3ec53b7f5aae32f3759ecbebf
Expose 242835d559d07e38ccf79db4363c4505
Expose Ee0b78937424faf84a671f4ed9bbf145
Expose 96c72e757569ef8d5dcbb13ade58c13b
Expose 49d26cbdc3efc80db88248385ef0a90a
Expose 6b61c3b829be8767ae8574587d6a51e9
Expose Bd332404c56c6dfcfcc4995956da2953
Expose C355cbdf367f8af1ace30c946f4bedf7
Expose Dc20ae433ea13da9976793215f8176cd
Expose B33ddb5f341d83c32c3899288e697073
Expose B77b2c7d312f8f307a5d989d9bba1e00
Expose Cd1a972ec41e0cd34c0e41704b41b6fa

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