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 Oldie Hits

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Registrace : 11. 04. 06

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PříspěvekPředmět: Oldie Hits   Oldie Hits Icon_minitime4/10/2006, 17:25

Oldie Hits_CD1\01-Pat Boone - Ain't That A Shame.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\02-Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\03-Fats Domino - I'm In Love Again.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\04-Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\05-Soulful Dynamics - Birdie.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\06-Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\07-Joey Dee & The Starliters - Peppermint Twist.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\08-Frankie Ford - Sea Cruise.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\09-Little Richard - Tutti Frutti.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\10-The Coasters - Yakety Yak.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\11-Frankie Cannon - The Twist.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\12-The Surfaris - Wipe Out.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\13-The Tonics - People Can't See.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD1\14-Fats Domino - Blue Monday.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\01-Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\02-Applejacks - Tell Me When.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\03-Bobby darin - Queen Of The Hop.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\04-Johnny & the Hurricanes - Red River Rock.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\05-Sandy Nelson - Teen Beat.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\06-Little Richard - Keep A-Kockin'.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\07-Chuck Berry - Maybelline.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\08-Crests - Sixteen Candles.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\09-Kingsmen - Louie Louie.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\10-Chris Montez - Let's Dance.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\11-Roy Orbison - Ooby Dooby.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\12-Bill Haley & The Comets - Rock Around The Clock.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\13-Neil Sedaka - Ring A Rockin'.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD2\14-Frankie Avalon - Venus.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\01-Tommy Roe - Dizzy.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\02-Pat Boone - I'll Be Home.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\03-Animals - House Of The Rising Sun.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\04-Troggs - Wild Thing.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\05-Searchers - Sweets For My Sweet.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\06-Gerry & the Pacemakers - Ferry Across The Mersey.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\07-Bee Gees - I'm The World.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\08-Troggs - I Can't Control Myself.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\09-Ivy League - Funny How Love Can Be.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\10-Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\11-Mary Wells - My Guy.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\12-Freddy & the Dreamers - I'm Telling You Now.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\13-Rocking Berries - Poor Man's Son.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD3\14-The Trashman - Surfin' Bird.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\01-Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\02-Searchers - Don't Throw Your Love Away.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\03-Rockin' Berries - He's In Town.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\04-Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\05-Herman's Hermits - I Am Henry The VIII., I Am.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\06-Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\07-Herman's Hermits - Wonderful World.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\08-Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\09-Coasters - Along Come James.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\10-Freddy Canon - Talahassie Lassie.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\11-Jim Lowe - Green Door.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\12-Rufus Thomas - Do The Funky Chicken.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\13-Jimmy Glimmer - Sugar Shack.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD4\14-Pat Boone - April Love.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\01-Billie Joe Royal - Down In The Boondocks.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\02-Donovan - Catch The Wind.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\03-Herman's Hermits - Dandy.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\04-Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\05-Sam & Dave - Hold On I'm Coming.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\06-Troggs - Love Is All Around.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\07-Searchers - Needles And Pins.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\08-Gerry & The Pacemakers - How Do You Do It.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\09-Bee Gees - Monday's Rain.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\10-Fortunes - Storm In A Teacup.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\11-Chubby Checker - Charlie Brown.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\12-Coasters - Nut Rocker.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\13-Pat Boone - Don't Forbid Me.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD5\14-Olympics - Western Movies.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\01-Herman's Hermits - There's A Kind Of Hush.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\02-Billy Joe Royal - Hush.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\03-Smoke - My Friend Jack.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\04-Bee Gees - Spicks And Specks.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\05-Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\06-Sam & Dave - Soul Man.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\07-Herman's Hermits - Something Is Happening.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\08-Sam & Dave - I Thank You.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\09-Joe Dolan - Make Me An Island.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\10-Inez Foxx - Mockingbird.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\11-Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\12-Pat Boone - Love Letters In The Sand.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\13-Sam 'The Sham' & the Pharaos - Little Red Riding Hood.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD6\14-Sam & Dave - Soul Sister, Brown Sugar.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\01-Soulful Dynamics - Annabella.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\02-Pat Boone - A Wonderful Time Up There.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\03-Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\04-Christie - Yellow River.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\05-Casuals - Jesamine.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\06-Shake The Stick - Everything Makes A Better Life.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\07-Emanuel - I Want To Go Home.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\08-Lt. Pigeon - Mouldy Old Dough.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\09-Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\10-Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\11-Middle Of The Road - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\12-Bay City Rollers - Give A Little Love.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\13-Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD7\14-Supremes - Stoned Love.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\01-Jack Jersey - In The Still Of The Night.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\02-George Baker Selection - Morning Sky.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\03-Bay City Rollers - Rock And Roll Love Letter.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\04-Bino - Mama Leone.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\05-Nick Straker - A Walk In The Park.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\06-Johnny Wakelin - In Zaire.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\07-George Baker Selection - Paloma Blanca.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\08-Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\09-Jack Jersey - Sri Lanka - My Shangrila.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\10-Paper Lace - The Night Chicago Died.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\11-Fortunes - Freedom Come, Freedom Go.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\12-Elgins - Heaven Must Have Send You.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\13-Supremes - Nathan Jones.mp3 Oldie Hits_CD8\14-Blackfoot Sue - Standing In The Road.mp3




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Oldie Hits
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