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 Eurythmics 8 cd's Box Flac

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Registrace : 16. 07. 08

Eurythmics 8 cd's Box Flac Empty
PříspěvekPředmět: Eurythmics 8 cd's Box Flac   Eurythmics 8 cd's Box Flac Icon_minitime9/4/2021, 15:58

CD 1 Boxed (In The Garden)

01-English Summer.mp3 [5MB]

02-Belinda.mp3 [6MB]

03-Take Me To Your Heart.mp3 [5MB]

04-She's Invisible Now.mp3 [5MB]

05-Your Time Will Come.mp3 [7MB]

06-Caveman Head.mp3 [6MB]

07-Never Gonna Cry Again.mp3 [4MB]

08-All The Young (People Of Today).mp3 [5MB]

09-Sing Sing.mp3 [6MB]

10-Revenge.mp3 [7MB]

11-Le Sinestre (Taken From 'Never Gonna Cry Again' 7'').mp3 [3MB]

12-Heartbeat Heartbeat (Taken From 'Belinda' 7'').mp3 [3MB]

13-Never Gonna Cry Again (Live - Taken From 'This Is The House'
12'').mp3 [6MB]

14-4_4 In Leather (Live - Taken From 'This Is The House' 12'').mp3 [4MB]

15-Take Me To Your Heart (Live - Taken From 'This Is The House'
12'').mp3 [7MB]


CD 2 Boxed (Sweet Dreams)

01-Love Is A Stranger.mp3 [5MB]

02-I've Got An Angel.mp3 [4MB]

03-Wrap It Up.mp3 [5MB]

04-I Could Give You (A Mirror).mp3 [5MB]

05-Walk.mp3 [6MB]

06-Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).mp3 [5MB]

07-Jennifer.mp3 [7MB]

08-This Is The House.mp3 [6MB]

09-Somebody Told Me.mp3 [4MB]

10-This City Never Sleeps.mp3 [8MB]

11-Home Is Where The Heart Is.mp3 [4MB]

12-Monkey Monkey.mp3 [6MB]

13-Baby's Gone Blue.mp3 [6MB]

14-Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Hot Remix).mp3 [7MB]

15-Love Is A Stranger (Colcut Remix).mp3 [10MB]

16-Satellite Of Love.mp3 [6MB]


CD 3 Boxed (Touch)

/01-Here Comes The Rain Again.mp3 [6MB]

02-Regrets.mp3 [5MB]

03-Right By Your Side.mp3 [5MB]

04-Cool Blue.mp3 [6MB]

05-Who's That Girl.mp3 [6MB]

06-The First Cut.mp3 [5MB]

07-Aqua.mp3 [5MB]

08-No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts).mp3 [7MB]

09-Paint A Rumour.mp3 [9MB]

10-You Take Some Lentils & You Take Some Rice.mp3 [4MB]

11-ABC ( Freeform).mp3 [4MB]

12-Plus Something Else.mp3 [7MB]

13-Paint A Rumour (Long Version).mp3 [10MB]

14-Who's That Girl (Live).mp3 [4MB]

15-Here Comes The Rain Again (Live).mp3 [3MB]

16-Fame.mp3 [4MB]


CD 4 Boxed (Be Yourself Tonight)

01-Would I Lie To You.mp3 [6MB]

02-There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart).mp3 [7MB]

03-I Love You Like A Ball And Chain.mp3 [5MB]

04-Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves.mp3 [8MB]

05-Conditioned Soul.mp3 [6MB]

06-Adrian.mp3 [6MB]

07-It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back).mp3 [5MB]

08-Here Comes That Sinking Feeling.mp3 [8MB]

09-Better To Have Lost In Love (Then Never To Have Loved At All).mp3

10-Grown Up Girls (From 'There Must Be An Angel' 7'').mp3 [6MB]

11-Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles (From 'It's Alright' 12'').mp3 [4MB]

12-Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (ET Mix ).mp3 [12MB]

13-Would I Lie To You (ET Mix).mp3 [7MB]

14-Conditioned Soul (Live).mp3 [7MB]

15-Hello I Love You.mp3 [4MB]


CD 5 Boxed (Revenge)

01-Missionary Man.mp3 [6MB]

02-Thorn In My Side.mp3 [6MB]

03-When Tomorrow Comes.mp3 [7MB]

04-The Last Time.mp3 [6MB]

05-The Miracle Of Love.mp3 [7MB]

06-Let's Go !.mp3 [6MB]

07-Take Your Pain Away.mp3 [7MB]

08-A Little Of You.mp3 [6MB]

09-In This Town.mp3 [5MB]

10-I Remember You.mp3 [7MB]

11-When Tommorow Comes (Extended Version).mp3 [10MB]

12-Thorn In My Side (Extended Version).mp3 [10MB]

13-Missionary Man (Extended Version).mp3 [10MB]

14-When Tomorrow Comes (Live Acoustic Version).mp3 [4MB]

15-Revenge 2.mp3 [8MB]

16-My Guy.mp3 [3MB]


CD 6 Boxed (Savage)

01-Beethoven (I Love To Listen To).mp3 [7MB]

02-I've Got A Lover (Back In Japan).mp3 [6MB]

03-Do You Want To Break Up_.mp3 [5MB]

04-You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart.mp3 [5MB]

05-Shame.mp3 [6MB]

06-Savage.mp3 [5MB]

07-I Need A Man.mp3 [6MB]

08-Put The Blame On Me.mp3 [5MB]

09-Heaven.mp3 [4MB]

10-Wide Eyed Girl.mp3 [5MB]

11-I Need You.mp3 [5MB]

12-Brand New Day.mp3 [5MB]

13-Beethoven (Extended 12'' Philharmonic Version).mp3 [6MB]

14-Shame (12'' Dance Mix).mp3 [8MB]

15-I Need A Man (12'' Macho Mix).mp3 [9MB]

16-I Need You (Live ).mp3 [3MB]

17-Come Together.mp3 [4MB]


CD 7 Boxed (We Too Are One)

01-We Two Are One.mp3 [6MB]

02-The King And Queen Of America.mp3 [7MB]

03-(My My) Baby's Gonna Cry.mp3 [7MB]

04-Don't Ask Me Why.mp3 [6MB]

05-Angel.mp3 [7MB]

06-Revival.mp3 [6MB]

07-You Hurt Me (And I Hate You).mp3 [6MB]

08-Sylvia.mp3 [5MB]

09-How Long.mp3 [7MB]

11-Precious (Taken From 'Revival' 7'').mp3 [5MB]

12-See No Evil.mp3 [6MB]

13-The King And Queen Of America (12'' Dance Remix).mp3 [9MB]

14-Angel (Choir Version - Taken From 'Ange' 7'').mp3 [7MB]

15-Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me.mp3 [4MB]


CD 8 Boxed (Peace)

01-17 Again.mp3 [7MB]

02-I Saved The World Today.mp3 [7MB]

03-Power To The Meek.mp3 [5MB]

04-Beautiful Child.mp3 [5MB]

05-Anything But Strong.mp3 [6MB]

06-Peace Is Just A Word.mp3 [8MB]

07-I've Tried Everything.mp3 [6MB]

08-I Want It All.mp3 [5MB]

09-My True Love.mp3 [6MB]

10-Forever.mp3 [5MB]

11-Lifted.mp3 [6MB]

12-Beautiful Child (Acoustic Version).mp3 [4MB]

13-17 Again (Acoustic Version).mp3 [6MB]

14-I Saved The World Today (Acoustic Version).mp3 [3MB]

15-Something In The Air.mp3 [5MB]

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Eurythmics 8 cd's Box Flac
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